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The combination of red wines and dishes

The combination of red wines and dishes

For meat dishes and pasta to vegetables and stewsmushrooms, has a deep, bright and full-bodied taste, the best group of red wine. Its tannins reveal all shades of hot dense foods and help it be absorbed.

Not all housewives know how to drink any dish will suit better.

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Light red wines. They contain little tannin, quite "flat", but fine, with a small range of flavor notes. Serve this wine with fillet of duck and veal. Well these wines with tuna, are quite good with dishes of salmon. Suitable for pasta with tomato sauce and cheese ter¬tym, pasta "carbonara" and even pizza.
Option of Vina Studija: KETH Sankt Laurent (Austria, Rheinhessen) - suede-soft, with a touch of forest red berries - raspberries, strawberries and a little mountain ash.


Dense and intense, rich flavordark red wine. These wines go perfectly with seasoned cheese, roast beef, steak and beef fillet. They turn into a true sover¬shenstvo braised leg of lamb. Velvet and tannic red wine - a great companion for baked duck with prunes.


Sweet red wines. Magnificent themselves and will make you a great company - in the evening, with the book, by the fireplace. Fine mature port wines suited to creamy cheeses such as Stilton or classic cheddar. Interesting combination of port and Hammon with sweet melon.

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