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COMBINING red wines and dishes


The combination of red wines and dishes</a>

For meat dishes and pasta, for stewed vegetables andMushrooms, having a deep, bright and rich taste, the best company is red wine. Its tannins reveal all the shades of hot, dense food and help it to be absorbed.

Not all the housewives know which drink to which dish will fit better.

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Light red wines. They contain a little tannin, quite "flat", but refined, with a small range of flavor notes. We serve this wine for duck fillet and veal. These wines are good with tuna, good with salmon dishes. They are suitable for pasta with tomato sauces and ter ter cheese, for pasta "carbonario" and even for pizza.
Variant from Vina Studija: KETH Sankt Laurent (Austria, Rheinhessen) - suede-soft, with a touch of forest red berries - raspberries, strawberries and a little bit of mountain ash.


Dense and rich, rich in tasteDark red wines. Such wines are perfectly combined with seasoned cheeses, roast beef, steak and beef fillets. They turn into a true perfection a stewed sheep's leg. Velvet and tannic red wine is an excellent companion for oven-baked ducks with prunes.


Dessert red wines. Magnificent in themselves and make you an excellent company - in the evening, behind a book, by the fireplace. Exquisite mature port is suitable for cream cheese, such as stilton or classic cheddar. Interesting is the combination of port with hammon and sweet melon.

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