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STYLE classicism in the interior


Style classicism in the interior</a>

Classicism is considered the most restrained and elegant of classical styles.

From it removed oversaturation and excessive theatricality.

Everything is extremely symmetrical and proportionate, verified and accurate.

As a basis, as in other classical styles, elements of ancient Greece and Rome are taken.



Classicism implies large areas of rooms andHigh ceilings. The ceilings are decorated with stucco molding, mostly of simple shapes, without unnecessary ornamentation. On the walls stucco is also used, in addition to stucco, sign elements are columns and semicolumns.


The colors in the classicism are calm - beige,Pale blue, pale pink, often used a combination of gold and white. As materials for finishing the walls use painting, fabric or paper wallpaper. Frescoes with landscapes or portraits will fit well.


On the floor is laid parquet from expensive types of wood, most often parquet ornamental. Floor can be made with natural carpets.


Furniture is made of expensive wood, alsoWhite furniture is common. The shape of the furniture is very elegant, with carved elements, but the elements are quite simple, there are no unnecessary decorations. For upholstery upholstery use natural fabrics, for example silk.


The windows are decorated with luxurious curtains with lambrequins,Fabrics are also only expensive, such as tapestry, silk, taffeta. As lighting use large crystal or glass chandeliers, common bronze or gold plated fixtures.


As accessories, you can choose porcelain, paintings with images of landscapes, sculptures. Classicism is also characterized by an abundance of mirrors.

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