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Choosing a stretch ceiling: the criteria


An important part of the design of the apartment is the ceilingPremises. The market has a large selection of stretch ceilings. It is necessary to select this decorative element correctly in order to make the room look well-groomed, modern and cozy.

Choosing a stretch ceiling: the criteria



There are ceilings based on PVC or fabric. Each kind of material has its positive and negative sides. Ceilings based on fabric appeared not so long ago in the market, but are already very popular among buyers because they are installed in widths up to 5 meters. PVC ceilings can be up to 2 meters wide, so it will be necessary to use joint seams in a large room. The disadvantage of the fabric ceiling is that it can not be restored if water hits.


PVC-based ceilings are usedMainly in apartments and offices that have heating in the winter. For a summer residence and industrial premises the fabric ceiling is better approaches because of frost resistance of a material. Such a ceiling is mounted without the use of a thermal fan. The ceiling of PVC at a lower temperature becomes hard and brittle and, at the slightest jolt, it can collapse.


You must choose the right manufacturerCeilings. The product is on the market from Europe, Turkey, China, the USA and Russia. The brand of the product does not always guarantee quality products, so you need to ask the seller for product certificates. Recently, the factory products from China are very popular. The quality of such goods is constantly increasing, and the price remains minimal in the market of stretch ceilings.


An important criterion of choice is the texture of the ceiling. It is necessary to plan the interior in advance so that the ceiling approaches the general style of the room and emphasizes the individuality of the tenants. When choosing the texture of the ceiling, you can consider pearlescent, matte, glossy or satin shades. If you want to emphasize the status of tenants, you can make the ceiling under the skin or suede.


The necessary criterion for choosing a ceiling isThe cost of the material. It is necessary to choose the optimal ratio of price and quality. Do not overpay for a popular brand and excess. Quite indulgent are the prices of Chinese and Russian manufacturers. At the same time, the quality and environmental friendliness of the material are not affected at all. Basically, all the Chinese material ceilings are manufactured by European standards, so most buyers choose it.


Special attention should be paid to fastenersThe ceiling. If you choose a wedge-shaped system, the ceiling can no longer be replaced, and it will not withstand leakage. To further replace the ceiling, you need to use the harpoon fastening system.

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