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Choice of kitchen colors


The kitchen is the center of the home. In modern apartments it is not only a place of cooking, but also a place for celebrations, socializing with friends and recreation. The design of the kitchen should be comfortable, cozy and multifunctional.

Basics of design for the kitchen

In the design of the kitchen everything should be harmonious, andAppearance, the location of all elements and kitchen utensils is still convenient and functional. Materials for interior design of the kitchen should please. With proper interior design, the kitchen will bring emotional comfort and convenience.

Colors for the kitchen can be chosen any, if desired. But you need to consider the effect of color. So, for example, yellow, orange and red promotes the absorption of food and enhances appetite. However, a large number of bright colors are not recommended for a kitchen of a small area.

You can decorate the kitchen in a refreshing shadeGreen and blue, evoking the natural freshness and health. Using light shades of pink, yellow, the space of the small kitchen will look more spacious. But the use of such shades in a large kitchen, can create the impression of empty space.

Using dark colors and shades of black, brown will depress the appetite. With such colors, you will not leave a feeling of untidiness and dirt. Dark colors visually reduce space.

Furniture should also be chosen according to size and finishes, it is not recommended to install dark wood furniture in a small kitchen, this will significantly reduce space and heaviness the interior.

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