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The child is afraid of the dark

A child afraid of the dark

Many parents worry that their child is afraid of the dark, because such a fear - a common phenomenon among children aged 3-7 years.

If you notice that the child began to be afraid of the dark, it is necessary to take urgent measures and to identify the reasons for this fear.



Remember that the child should trust you. When he turned to this problem is to you, you should treat with understanding to this and promise to help him in the fight against terror. Your child should understand that you can always come to his aid, and he, in turn, get your defense.


Think of character or any object,which is able to protect the child. For example, think of a superhero who comes to the aid of, or an object, which will also protect the child. For example, it may be points that will make your child's invisible to all.


Today, a common cause ofFears are movies, video games, with cruelty, violence, and the paranormal. Try as a child more than you can fence off from access to such games and movies.


Arrange the room a lamp or lamps. It's obvious - if the child is afraid of the dark, it is necessary to dilute the darkness light. After the baby is asleep, the light sources can be switched off.


Pay attention to your own behavior and on the atmosphere in the family. Often it happens that because of the quarrels and scandals, the child produced by a variety of fears, among them - fear of the dark.


Do not scold your child for his fears, he's just in the future will not be with you to share their fears, which had a negative impact on its development.


Do not laugh at his fears, because at this point he has never needed your support and understanding.


If the child sees ghosts, vampires and other monsters in the dark without Accompany him, and do not say that too, see them, because that way you will perpetuate the awareness that they exist.


Know that in the situation with the fear of not acting normally "fight fire with fire." Treat fear of darkness with the help of the dark is dangerous.


As practice shows, the talk in such cases will not help, because your child still does not accept all the things that you're talking to him.

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