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How to make a butt


Try to make this kind of butt - you will be the main sniper in the paintball</a>

Fans of tactical markers for paintball now feel the full freedom to choose different models of markers and additions to them in the form of sights, butts and other "bloat."

However, the fantasy of the majority of paintball players is more developed than the fantasy of paintball equipment developers.

So sometimes players have to do? For his weapons manually. Let's see how it is possible to make a butt, similar to the butt of a sniper rifle or "screwdriver" for the marker.

You will need

  • - plywood 7-8 mm, 9 mm
  • - universal epoxy adhesive
  • - semicircular file
  • - Clamps
  • - sandpaper
  • - holder for emery
  • - stain
  • - varnish
  • - chisel
  • - electric jigsaw
  • - printed butt stock template
  • - drill
  • - rollers, brushes and ruler



We search on the Internet for a template of the desired butt andPrint it out. Two blanks of plywood 7-8 mm clamped with clamps. These blanks will be the outer layers of our butt. Next, we draw a stencil and cut it out. Now you need to drill and cut the insides.


The inner part is cut the same way. At external preparations it is necessary still to cut out a partition between the apertures.


With epoxy glue we fasten the blanks to each other. Pressing clamps. That there was less trouble with gluing and that the blanks did not move, it is better to glue them together not at once, but gradually, making a daily interval.


The blanks are glued together. Now take a semicircular file and bring the workpiece stock up to? Commodity? Type, removing all irregularities and burrs. Then you need to process the surface of the butt with sandpaper. First, take a large, gradually reducing the grain size.


We process the ready stock with stain, then we cover it with varnish.

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