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Bitterness in the mouth in the morning: possible causes


Bitterness in the mouth in the morning can be the result of a variety of diseases and disorders. Reception of antibiotics, fatty, spicy and salty foods can provoke such problems.

Causes bitterness in the mouth in the morning
Bitterness in the mouth is felt in the morning by many people. Some do not pay special attention to the anxiety symptom, and some immediately suspect liver problems. However, such an unpleasant symptom can testify not only to liver dysfunction, but also to the malfunction of other seemingly unrelated organs and systems.

Causes of bitterness in the mouth

Bitterness in the mouth in the morning, after physicalExercise and eating can occur due to a violation of the process of excretion and excretion of bile. It is known that the liver is responsible for the breakdown of fats in the human body. Under the influence of bile, fat is emulsified in the food canal, they are split into smaller particles and absorbed by cells and tissues. But if there is a pathological process, the bile stagnates both in the bile ducts and the gall bladder itself, which leads to the development of cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, infectious inflammation, etc.

In this condition, there is a deficiency of bile: It enters the gastrointestinal tract in a limited number and irregularly. As a result, food is only partially digested, stagnation occurs in the digestive canal, intestinal motility is disrupted.

What else can cause such problems

The cause of bitterness in the mouth in the morning can beThe reaction of the body to certain foods, taken late at night. For example, nuts have a pronounced choleretic effect and can cause the appearance of a similar symptom. Disturbances in taste are often observed in smokers and pregnant women. Individuals who take antibacterial drugs may also complain of bitterness in their mouths. Such a sign can be associated with injuries in the nose and mouth.

Various dental diseases are not uncommonCause bitterness in the mouth in the mornings and at other times. These include gingivitis, tooth abscess, etc. A change in taste sensations can cause a filling material. Poisoning with heavy metals, such as mercury, lead or copper, can primarily affect the taste sensations. With the same problems, oncological patients undergoing chemotherapy face.

Persons suffering from acid reflux andHormonal disorders, often wake up with bitterness in the mouth. In the first case, this is associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease, which causes the gastric juice to rise in the throat and mouth. In this case, the patient can complain of heartburn, bad breath and increased gas production. In the second case, a similar symptom may be caused by a change in the body level of the hormone estrogen. Do not exclude diseases that disrupt the production of this hormone.

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