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The biggest lake Russia

The biggest lake Russia

Nature - the real wealth of Russia.

Boundless steppes, dense forests, scenic bogs, high proud mountains and, of course, the amazing beauty of the lake: all this attracts tourists.

In Russia there are several lakes, which can be called not only large, but even giant.

Caspian Sea

Despite the fact that the Caspian Sea is called inIndeed, this lake. Pond lost contact with other seas, and it became an environmental disaster. Nevertheless, it is possible to get it in the list of lakes. The water level in the Caspian Sea is constantly changing, it is particularly strongly decreased in the last century. Interestingly, in the northern part of the Caspian Sea water is almost fresh, and indeed, there salinity is about three times lower than the average ocean.


The undoubted leader in the list of lakes is Baikal. It is not only the largest lake, but also the deepest, 1640 m. It is located on the tectonic fissure. Due to such a depth, Baikal is warming up for a comfortable bathing, not every year. Often, as the water temperature in July rather low. The lake is 31.7 thousand sq. M. m. Baikal is famous not only for its size but also by the fact that the water in the lake is very clean, and inhabit the surroundings of the lake are species of animals and plants, which in other places can not be found.

Ladoga lake

Ladoga - one of the two largest lakes of Karelia. Its area is about 17.6 thousand sq. M. m, but the depth of the lake is not so great, in some places it reaches 203 m This lake -. one of the largest in Europe. It is in the Ladoga lake originates Neva, and feeds his 35 other rivers.

lake Onega

Onega - second lake in Karelia. Its area is equal to 9.7 thousand sq. M. m, the depth is almost twice less than in Ladoga, 127 m. On the shores of Lake Onega, you can see not only great beauty landscape, but also many cultural and historical attractions.

Lake Taimyr

In Siberia, the lake is located in the Krasnoyarsk TerritoryTaimyr. Almost the entire surface of the Taimyr year icebound, so to see the water surface of the lake is not easy. At the same time, the climate in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is quite severe, and almost the entire winter Taimyr freezes to the bottom. The lake area is constantly changing, fixed maximum is 4.56 thousand sq. M. m depth of the lake Taimyr -. 26 m.

Lake Khanka

Hanka - lake, which divides the Russian coast to theChina. Its area is approximately 4.07 sq. M. m, and the biggest depth is 11 m. The lake is a major tourist attraction. The pond is home to many species of fish, but because of the boundless catching some of them were in the Red Book.

Other large lakes

In Russia, there are other, quite big lake. All of them are famous for their beauty. For example, this Salt Lake Chany in Novosibirsk reg., White Lake in Vologda reg., Topozero in the north of Karelia, Ilmen in the Novgorod region.

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