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Bible and its importance for the life of an Orthodox Christian

The Bible and its importance for the life of an Orthodox Christian

Orthodox man is called to a constant spiritual development, cognition of truths of the Christian faith, work on their moral character.

One aspect in learning the basics of the Orthodox faith and the main criteria is the moral reading of the Bible.

For the Orthodox Christian, the Bible isoverriding book, by chance in the Christian tradition it is called the Holy Scriptures. Texts written in the Bible are inspired. They were written by the holy prophets and apostles, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

By itself, the Bible is a collection of many sacred texts. It consists of two buildings of the sacred books, called the Old and New Testaments.

The Bible tells of the creation of the world, man,Fall of people. The scripture tells the story of God's chosen people, God's gift of the Ten Commandments and the moral law of the Old Testament, the holy of the prophecies of the Messiah (Jesus Christ). These narratives contained in the Old Testament. The word "covenant" can be understood as the "union". That is, the Old Testament - the first covenant (alliance) between God and man. All the books of the Old Testament were written before the coming of Jesus Christ into the world.

The New Testament tells of the coming ofthe world of the promised Messiah and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Gospels included in the New Testament, it describes how the Lord made the salvation of mankind through His death on the Cross, tells the story of the miraculous resurrection of the Savior Jesus Christ. New Testament - is a kind of proclamation of the salvation of humanity, the good news, pointing to the people. Also in the New Testament book tells about the public ministry of Christ, his miracles and sermons. In addition, in the New Testament of the Bible includes the message body of the Apostles to various churches and the prophecy of St. John the Theologian on the fate of the world.

In modern Synodal Bible, priorityProduced in Russia, it printed 50 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament. The Old Testament includes five books of Moses, the book of the history of Jewish people in times of Israeli judges and kings, the prophets of the Old Testament books. The New Testament contains four Gospels, the seven Catholic Epistles of the apostles Peter, John, James and Jude, fourteen epistles of the Apostle Paul, and Revelation.

The ratio of an Orthodox person to the Bible testsIt should be reverent. The text read with attention and mood. Through reading the Bible (especially the New Testament texts) Orthodox people like to communicate with the Lord Himself. It is in Scripture Christian can learn important and necessary for themselves the values ​​of life, to find answers to many of life's questions. In the biblical texts all Christian Orthodox doctrine of the New Testament is based. Therefore, a person who considers himself Orthodox, must be willing to read as much as possible of the sacred texts. For the Orthodox Bible is not just a book that can be read and put on a shelf to gather dust. It's a real gift. Time and again, re-reading the texts of Scripture, the believer is able to discover new truths, useful in the spiritual and moral perfection of his personality.

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