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WHAT is best to wash the windows and mirrored surfaces

window Washing

When no special tools at hand forremove dirt from glass surfaces, and an urgent need to make a clean glass or mirror, then you can use simple means-tested over the centuries.

If you have dried-on mirror surfacefat droplets or other different fully hardened dirt can be carefully removed with a sharp blade or a knife, then wipe with a soft sponge this site.

In the case where the mirror quite dirty, you can use "Pemolyuks" - a special powder, which wash the dishes.

If you use scouring powder, it should be inFirst, put on a soft sponge and sprinkle with a little water to moisten. In this way a means is converted into a paste. With such consistency, it is impossible to scratch the glass.
Carefully removing dirt and detergent residuesthe composition, it is necessary to wipe clean the surface of the water glass or mirrors. It is best to use warm boiled water for this procedure, it slightly moistened cloth or sponge.

Ways to make the glass surface gloss

Then you can start to mirror polishingshine. For this work, it is best to take the paper or microfiber cloth. The paper gives the best possible way to polish glass and mirror, as, in contrast to the tissue, it does not leave any stains on the wet surface cleaned articles.

An excellent tool wash window qualitatively considered newspapers that have an optimum softness, well absorb any excess moisture, and do not have a property in the hands to break up into pieces.

When you use when cleaning the windows of the newspaper, to not remain divorces, they should take a few pieces and crumple. This will be convenient to carry a ball rubbing surface.
Before you rub the product to shine, to bemoisten the surface of a special tool which facilitates the ideal shine. In the shops of household chemicals, you can select a large number of similar products for cleaning mirrors and glass from dirt and grease.

People's method of imparting gloss glass surfaces

You can always use an analog homepurchased assets to clean the window well. This will require boiled water to dissolve ammonia at the rate of one teaspoon per cup of boiled water. Then pour into the composition sprays and applied to the surface of the product. Will then just wipe away the traces of the liquid dry cloth.
If there is vodka or alcohol on hand, you cantake a couple of tablespoons of the product and add it to the spraying means of diluted ammonia, and then go directly to the implementation of the work to clean the glass surface.

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