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What is better to trim the balcony inside


Cladding of balcony walls</a>

Rational use of each meter of the square allows a person to equip his life in the best way.

Even using a few meters of the balcony, the owner receives additional meters of the room.

To feel comfortable in a dwelling, it should be properly decorated. In particular, to solve the issue of quality cladding of the balcony walls.

The most common materials used for this purpose are plasterboard, lining made of wood and plastic.

Plastic sheathing

What are the advantages of plastic in comparison with other types of finishing materials? It is considered to be the simplest, the most accessible, suitable for balconies.
A similar coating consists of plastic panels,Recruited on a metal or wooden frame. The result is an almost integral coating. However, with a careful examination of the walls, small cracks can be seen. But this covering is not dangerous for any weather cataclysms-wind, rain, snow or moisture. However, the high temperature for it is harmful, because under its influence the plastic panels begin to melt.

Gypsum cardboard and lining

The second variant of facing the balcony is quite common - it is the use of plasterboard. As with plastic, plasterboard sheets are attached to a prefabricated frame.
However, this material needs further processing, it must first be puttyed. Prepared walls can be freely painted or covered with wallpaper.
But the best material is still considered to be wood. Wooden decoration looks great in such a room.
By design, these panels are quite similar toPrevious materials, but in appearance and touch they are more pleasant looking and hands, since the radiated "heat" from wood is much more pleasant than from "cold" plastic. In addition, the aroma that comes from the lining allows the owner to be charged with positive energy from her.
By the way, the choice of lining is very diverse. You can buy panels from pine or oak, linden or alder. No less interesting is the lining of ash.
As for the price of the question, the latterThe variant is more expensive to estimate than the previous ones, which is not surprising, since natural products are much more valued today than the most excellent synthetic panels.
And when the question is asked, which material shouldFrom inside to trim the balcony, many prefer natural products, because they want to feel safe from various harmful allergens, to feel comfort among the fragrance of the fragrance of the tree.

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