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The better sheathe balcony inside

Skinning of walls balcony

Rational use of every square meter allows a person to build your life the best way.

Even with a few meters of the balcony, the owner receives additional footage of the room.

To feel comfortable in the living room, it should be issued correctly. In particular, to solve the problem of quality cladding balconies.

The most common materials used for this purpose are drywall, paneling, wood and plastic.

The plastic sheathing

What are the benefits of plastic as compared with other types of finishing materials? It is considered the most simple, very affordable, perfectly suitable for cladding balconies.
This coating consists of plastic panels,gaining a metal or wooden frame. The result is an almost whole surface. However, with careful consideration of the wall may be small gaps are seen. But this cover is not dangerous, no extreme weather events -Wind, rain, snow or moisture. However, the high temperature is bad for him, because under the influence of its plastic panels start to melt.

Sheathing and plasterboard lining

Enough common balcony facing the second option - is the use of drywall. As with plastic, drywall sheets are attached to the pre-manufactured frame.
However, this material requires further processing, it must first putty. Prepared wall can be freely paint or covered with wallpaper.
But the best material is still considered to be the wood. The wood trim looks great in this area.
By design, these panels are quite similar toprevious material, but in appearance and to the touch, they are more pleasing look and hand, as radiant "heat" of the wood is much nicer than on the "cold" plastic. Besides flavor that comes from the lining, it allows the owner to be charged with positive energy from her.
By the way, the choice of lining is very diverse. You can buy panels of pine or oak, linden or alder. No less interesting wall paneling made of ash.
As for the price issue, the latteroption is estimated at more expensive than the previous ones and it is not surprising, because the natural products of our time is valued much more than the most excellent in performance, synthetic panels.
And when the question is, how should the materialinside sheathe balcony, many people prefer natural products because they want to feel yourself safe from the various harmful allergens, to feel comfortable among the fragrance of wood aromas.

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