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BEST grades of early potatoes


The best varieties of early potatoes</a>

The right sort of early potato allows you to get a plentiful harvest.

In doing so, it is necessary to remember that each variety has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as different taste qualities.

Characteristics of early potato varieties

Zhukovsky early - this variety is included in theState register in 1993. It is characterized by early ripening of tubers, high yield. The color of the peel is pink or reddish. The taste is excellent. The variety has a high resistance to scab, nematode, cancer. Harvesting is conducted until the appearance of late blight, to which Zhukovsky early is not stable.

Karatop - early ripening variety of table purpose. It is distinguished by a harmonious ripening of tubers, yellow peel and light yellow flesh. The variety is resistant to cancer, golden nematode, weakly responsive to late blight. The yield is high, the taste is good.

Luck - has a medium-sized bush, high yield. The storage of tubers during long-term storage is satisfactory.

Lapis lazuli is a variety with a medium height semi-straight lineBush. It differs smooth yellow skin, white flesh, friendly maturation of tubers, high yield. The first digging can be done as early as 45 days after emergence. After 55 days, the potatoes are ready for storage.

Nevsky is the most common early-ripening variety. The taste and safety of the tubers is good.

Variety Maestro can be amazed with scab. This should be taken into account in adverse weather conditions.

Impala is an early sort of dining destination. A distinctive feature of the variety is a smooth peel, small eyes, gentle yellow flesh with excellent taste qualities.

Preparing potatoes for planting

To get an early abundant harvest of potatoes,Take care of preparing the tubers in advance. Remove the seed from the cellar, place it in a room at room temperature. Two weeks later the tubers will warm up and you can start landing.

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