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BEST early potato varieties

Most early varieties of potatoes

The correct early potato variety provides a rich harvest.

It should be remembered, each variety has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the different taste qualities.

Characteristics of early potato varieties

Zhukovsky early - the variety is included in theState Register in 1993. It differs very early maturing tubers, high yield. Color of the skin pink or reddish. Taste qualities are excellent. The variety is highly resistant to scab, nematodes, cancer. Harvesting is carried out until late blight, which Zhukovsky early is not stable.

Karatop - early maturing variety of table appointments. Different amicable maturing tubers, yellow skin and light yellow flesh. The variety is resistant to cancer, golden nematode, late blight slabovospriimchiv. Productivity is high, taste good.

Luck - is srednerosloe bush, a high yield. Keeping quality tubers during prolonged storage satisfactory.

Lapis - variety with medium growth is halfbush. It features a smooth-skinned yellow, white pulp, friendly maturing tubers, large yield. The first digging can be carried out within 45 days after germination. After 55 days the potatoes ready for storage.

Nevsky - the most common early-maturing varieties. Taste and good preservation of the tubers.

Sort Maestro may be affected by scab. This should be considered when the adverse weather conditions.

Impala - early variety of table appointments. A distinctive feature of the variety is smooth peel, small eyes, pale yellow flesh with excellent taste.

Preparation for planting potatoes

To get an early crop of potatoes hearty,be careful with the preparation of tubers. Remove the seeds from the cellar, put it in a room temperature of the room. After two weeks, tubers and warm as you are ready for planting.

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