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The most famous authors of bardic songs


The most famous authors of bardic songs</a>

The Bardovsky song is one of the most interesting musical phenomena of the USSR and Russia.

Its distinctive features are the dominant meaning of the text, not music, a special conversation mode and guitar accompaniment.

Bulat Okudzhava - pioneer of the Soviet author's song

The name of Bulat Okudzhava is firmly on the list of the mostKnown bards. It was he who became the founder of this style in the USSR. While the official stage sang cheerful and positive compositions, Okudzhava created deep works about the meaning of life, hopes and unfulfilled dreams. Each of his songs is a subtle and heartfelt text, where music serves as an accompaniment. Many songs Okudzhava - "Good-bye, boys," "We are with you, brother, from the infantry", "Your Honor, Mistress Luck" - went into the category of the people. Also his works sound in popular Soviet films of the 1950s-1980s.

Alexander Rosenbaum is a doctor and poet

Despite the fact that Rosenbaum has a medicalEducation, only his early works are related to the work of a doctor. His mature bardic lyrics highlight topics of civic duty, the fate of Russia, philosophical issues. Some songs are permeated with gypsy motifs. A large layer of creativity highlights the theme of post-revolutionary Russia. A special place in Rosenbaum's lyrics is occupied by the theme of the war - the Great Patriotic War and the Afghan War. Rosenbaum performs his works under the seven-string guitar, but at concerts he often performs solo on a twelve-stringed instrument.

Unlike many other bards, Rosenbaum was officially recognized in the USSR.

Vladimir Vysotsky - the legend of the Soviet stage

Vysotsky was a successful actor, poet and writer. However, most people know him as the author of the song. Although he did not like Vysotsky, when his work was considered to be bard, many of his motives are similar to this trend. Like the bards, Vysotsky paid great attention to the text, not to the music. In his work there are songs about the war, love lyrics, satirical couplets and sharply social themes. An interesting phenomenon was the song-dialogue, where Vysotsky sings in different voices, depicting different characters.

In honor of Vysotsky named more than 170 city facilities.

Yuri Vizbor - the creator of the song-reportage

Yuri Vizbor, like Bulat Okudzhava, stands atSources of the author's song. Vizbor's work was influenced by his rich life experience - he worked as a journalist, played in the theater, was engaged in mountaineering and football, went to the flying club. His first song Vizbor wrote, being a student of the Moscow Pedagogical Institute. Later he became the author of the anthem of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. The first songs of Vizbor were distributed unofficially, but from the 1960s his work became popular. Vizbor became the founder of the genre of song reportage. These works were published in the journal Krugozor.

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