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The best games of 2013


The best games of 2013</a>

The game industry does not stand still. In 2013, there were thousands of new games.

Most gamers prefer to play popular, bright, technically advanced "windows" of virtual reality.


The most technically modern 2013 raceBecame a game of the cult series Need for Speed ​​- Rivals. NFS: Rivals holds an unprecedented number of effects. The innovation was the brand Ferrari in the garage of the players. Critics Rivals recognized the game as spectacular, but too "arcade". Need for Speed: Rivals was sold in the number of 2 million copies.
Gran Turismo 6 is a full-fledged racingSimulator, including races on real routes, a high level of detail. The game appeared in 2013 on the console PS3, later released an adaptation of the "Gran Turismo" for personal computers.


The game "Big Farm" was a gift for fans of browser games. Qualitative graphics, interesting plot and innovations in the gameplay did not leave indifferent fans of the old good "Farmer".
Prime World strategy for the first monthBeta testing scored a million players, beating all possible expectations of developers. More than 2000 characters, 150 levels, a well-thought-out system of awards - all this is Prime World. The game requires the installation of a client, which can be downloaded for free.


2013 was rich in quality gamesGenre Action. High graphics and thoughtful scenes no longer surprise shooter lovers - they are waiting for developers to unconventional moves and innovations in the gameplay.
The Electronic Arts group (creator of NFS, Fifa andNHL) was able to surprise gamers with the shooter Battlefield 4. Although the story was called "too flat" by many, the scenario starts a military conflict between the US, China and Russia, a huge number of weapons in the arsenal and a convenient multiplayer mode did their job - Battlefield 4 was recognized by dozens of gaming magazines And resources "the best shooter of 2013".
Fans of the Far Cry series and Ubisoft received another high-tech product - Crisis 3. The game gives the opportunity to control a robot and a soldier in a nano-shell.

Unusual leaders

Games that surprised the gaming community, useA special love - because they affect the entertainment industry. The game XCOM tells about the cleansing of the Earth from aliens by the secret corporation X. The thoughtful location and exciting levels of search of earthlings make Xcom a whole fascinating game.
In 2013, there was no shortage of puzzles. One of the interesting representatives of the genre was the game FEZ from the company Kukurami. In it, a robot player can collect three-dimensional figures and turn them into two-dimensional figures. FEZ has found a response both for children and for fans of intellectual fun.

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