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Best books of all time

The best books of all time

In books lies true wisdom. Those who love to read, highly intelligent and communicative.

They can speak on any topic. Unfortunately, many people are interested to watch a movie or surf the Internet, while the true connoisseurs of the literary masterpieces of discovering the incredible and fascinating world of books.

Literary works a lot, but there are those who remain in the memory forever.

Leo Tolstoy "Anna Karenina"

The book tells the story of the tragic love of a married woman. Anna Karenina falls in love with an officer Vronsky, her whole life is changed from that moment on.

In his novel, Tolstoy gave the whole picture of the nobility like the second half of the XIX century and especially the lives of ordinary peasants.

John Tolkien, "Lord of the Rings"

Roman epic Tolkien's written in the fantasy genre. This single book has been translated into 38 languages. It has affected not only the literary works of fantasy genre, but also in the film, as well as computer and board games.

Bestseller tells the story of hobbit Frodo whoRing went. This ring has a great power, but it can enslave its master. With the help of this magic ring of dark wizard Sauron can be reborn and again plunge into the horror of the free peoples of Middle-earth.

George Orwell's "Animal Farm"

This dystopia tells about animals thatWe were able to expel from the barnyard of his owner Mr. Jones. Gradually the animals go to the next level of evolution, they become free, then gradually yield dictatorship pig named Napoleon.

Orwell created a parable, an allegory of the revolution of 1917 and the events that took place after the revolution.

Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy"

The poem was written in the years 1307-1321, it displays the characteristics of medieval culture.

Alighieri describes the Hell in which only the wicked people fall, purgatory, in which there are sinners atone for their earthly sins, and paradise, designed only for the good of people.

Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights"

The only work of Emily Bronte tells the story of two generations of family clans Earnshaw and Linton. Their lives are closely intertwined, ruining the fate of two lovers - Cathy and Heathcliff.

The book became the golden classics of world literature, and verekovskie wasteland Yorkshire, on whose territory the action is novel - one of the most famous tourist sites in England.

Fyodor Dostoevsky's "The Idiot"

The protagonist of Dostoevsky's novel, written in the years 1867-1869, is a 26-year-old Prince Leo Myshkin. Prince suffers from epilepsy, but despite a mental illness, it is a very sincere and kind person.

Coming back from the hospital, located in theSwitzerland, the train winds Myshkin frank conversation with Parfenom Rogozhin. A new friend recognized the prince that madly in love with a kept woman millionaire former Trotsky Nastasia.

Myshkin enters the general's house to Yepanchin and met with her family. Once he learns that the general's husband keeps in his portrait of Nastasia. It makes indelible impression on him.

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