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FUNDAMENTALS effectively communicate with others

Basics of effective communication with other people

Human interaction with others takes place in various forms: meetings, presentations, interviews, talks, etc.

Each has its own rules.

However it is necessary to discuss the basic principles of effective communication.

Always interact with at least two people (you and the other person). Between them established contact - dialogue.

Everyone has the right to personal protectionboundaries and rights, but not everyone is aware of, and defend. The word "privacy" in English means' privacy, personal space. " Unfortunately, the Russian people is not respected in this respect. This is not surprising, since many centuries people have been subjected to invasions and contempt, why people do not just protect their rights, but also unconsciously guided by diametrically opposed beliefs that have been soaked since childhood and a retreat from which leads to internal resistance and fear. How is it expressed? This is evident in the failure to understand that:

  • everyone can defend their own interests,
  • have an opinion and express it,
  • does not meet the expectations of others,
  • ask questions, and do not answer the questions of others,
  • It has the right to say "no"
  • refuse to continue the conversation on an unpleasant subject,
  • express their dissatisfaction with salary, while, that is, be yourself, do not like others.

Imagine the situation when you askinformation that has been entrusted to you under the heading "Privacy." And you, like a good man, begin to give everything that you know. Why did you do that? Because you want to be recognized, to show other people that you trust, and you are aware of some secret strategies. You can be manipulated, knowing that you are able to talk about everything, if you find the key to your self-esteem.

Or another situation when you come to theChief of the office, and he is furious shakes documents that were made by you. You begin to make excuses than is even more furious at management. But why? Why not easy to ask a question about what your boss does not like your work, be noted for all the mistakes and correct operation.

Your communication with others may beeffective only when you are aware of the rights of others to their personal space. The most important is the right to be different, not like you, have other interests, desires, motives, attitudes, beliefs and goals, that is, the right to identity, otherness. Another person can not meet your expectations, it should not respond with sincerity sincerity, to be kind, understanding, sympathetic, etc. And representation of human in these terms are often quite naive. Understanding and accepting it in others, you ensure effective communication with any person.

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