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That we can give to your children

What we can give to your children

Today, parents all over the world trying to makemore and more to the lives of their children flowed happily. But exactly how much they need to earn money for that, and whether this amount will make their children happy?

The answer is often the same - no matter how much money there was, they did not bring true happiness. If you do not live in poverty, the money does not bring happiness.

But then what is important?



Communication. It was a thoughtful, quiet and informative communication perfectly unites the child and his parents. In addition, through communication the child learns mutual respect, not hysteria.


Attention to the child's life. Often, adults do not pay attention to the problems of their children. Adults are always important issues for adults, so why not deal with children's problems as tightly as their own? Sit down with your child and discuss with him his difficulties, and he will treat them differently. Tell him that there are children who have the problem even worse. For example, your child can not go through the game, and the other child has no money for water. Then the problem will not go away simply become less ambitious. Listen to the child and share their experiences and opinions.


Hanging out. Cooperative games are important not only for health, but also to bring together children and their parents. Run together, walk in nature, arrange bonfires, go to the section and takes a lot of other activities. The most important thing - to find the degree of activity of arranging, and to the child, and you do not get tired after five minutes.


Tenderness and affection. Give as much warmth and affection to your child, because then he will not start to subconsciously look for them in front of people. Say nice things to your child, praise him, and let's keep it to correct its mistakes. Remember that the child will grow without affection nervous and will not be treated to caress as you would like. For example, animals, even in adulthood will be happy to receive affection from you, and your child has already become an adult, will not be in need.

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