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TO is not littered with toys

To toys do not lay

Very often, mothers complain that children scatter throughout the house toys, pens, pencils, items from designers.

Small children put all this on these cases a can not, therefore, cleaning gets mom.

To facilitate daily cleaning, it is necessary to teach the child to order.



Try to build capacity for the purpose ofcardboard tubes. Okleyte colorful paper box from under the shoe, set in her tube. They will be easy to kid yourself to put pencils and felt-tip pens, put small toys and parts.


In order for the child table has always been the procedure, sewof thick fabric organizer with pockets for pens of different velichiny- under pencils, small toys, construction sets, notebook - and attach it to the side of the table top. In addition, these organizers have in-pockets available for sale.


If your baby is not able to walk and manytime on the carpet among the toys, then you will be convenient to stitch of thick fabric large "carpet" with prodernutoy kuliske stitched in rope. As soon as the baby toys bored and the time comes for dinner and sleep, you will only need to pull the rope again and all the toys find themselves in sacks, and they do not have to collect!

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