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That the decision of the draft commission

What is the decision of the draft commission

The decision of the draft commission is a special document in which information is recorded on an appeal of a citizen to military service, exemption from duty, an extension is granted.

The decision is made after considering the recruit documents, his medical examination.

The decision of the draft commission is deviantact, which is made in a separate document. Typically, the said document advocates minutes of the meeting the draft board, which records the decision of the body relative to each inductee. The legislation puts the onus on the medical examinations to be the call of a person at that commission, so a decision can be taken only on the basis of the results of this survey. In addition, the Commission is considering other documents submitted to recruit, explores his personal data to make a lawful and correct decision.

Any draftee may obtain a copy of the decision of the draft commission in a separate document, which should be made to the chairman of this body.

What solutions can be recorded in the minutes of the draft board?

Protocol drawn up any draft boarddecisions about the future relationship of the recruit to military duty. In particular, the said authority may accept a document on the appeal of a citizen to military service deferment, full exemption from conscription, the direction of the alternative civilian service, the person enrolling in the reserve. Any of these solutions is recorded in the minutes of the meeting of the commission, while the fate of a particular conscript decided by a majority vote of the members of the Authority. Conscript usually learns about the decision immediately after the voting members of the commission, as the chairman of the law is obliged to read him the text of the document.

Note that the deferral or exemption from military service can be granted only by a decision of the draft board, automatically the deductions do not apply.

To appeal the decision of the draft board?

Any decision of the draft commission has officiallythe status of a non-normative legal act, therefore, may be appealed to the recruit. Appeal shall be filed in a higher draft board (usually in the regional conscription committee acts as this body) or to the court. At the same time we must take pre-written copy of the decision, since it is required to attach to the complaint. The direction of the complaint in any of the authorities suspend the execution of the Commission decision, so no action in respect of the recruit before the entry into force decisions can not be taken.

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