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That such an extension iso, than it can be opened

Disks, from which you can create ISO images

At the dawn of the computer age, there was no concept of "file", there was no need to invent a name for it and assign the extension. Today it is quite another story.

File systems require precise ordering, storage rigor.

Therefore, each file has its own identifier, by which you can open a particular program.

In the hierarchical structure of modernall operating system is strictly in their places. If the user finds a file with the extension * .exe, it realizes that it is a program or utility. * .doc Need to open in Word, and for * .html designed browsers and special editors. However, sometimes there are other extensions, which is not so easy to understand. And one of those relatively rare guests on the PC is a * .iso

Rare guest * .iso

More recently, PC drives were sosmall that rare user has in their large files. Rather, it was a cluster of music, books and / or pictures. As soon as the big hard drives became available, they started to record movies and games. The latter usually came in the form * .iso, * .mdf and * .vcd and represented the "images" of conventional CD or DVD drive.

In the 90s of the last century we have not thought about that hard drives will be able to fit the entire collection of movies or games.

This was done in order to save onhard drive your favorite game or program that does not run without support for CD-ROM. Then with the help of special programs to create an "image" and the disc could safely return the other. It was then that format * .iso gained fame. However, for some people, facing him for the first time, it was difficult to discover this strange file.

Sesame - Open!

Programs that understand format * .iso, a few dozen. But they all work on a similar principle, so it suffices to consider the most common ones to get the full details:

Principle-emulator program of action is to simulate the conventional CD / DVD-ROM`a at the program level.

-; DAEMON tools - classical programknown since two thousand years, when the first version was released it. The ability to open multiple formats "images" drives, as well as create them. The project is developing to this day. The latest version 2.2. License: Free (for personal use)
-; Alcohol 120% - another program - disk emulator. Also it opens many formats "images" and creates them. Project development. Latest version License type: Shareware.
-; UltraISO - less well-known program for the samepurposes. With it, you can open up to 30 formats "images" to create them and record a CD. The project is being actively developed. Latest version License type: Shareware. There is a free version, but it works with the "image" of no more than 300 MB.
The size of "images" may be different, but the mostcommon options are 700 MB and 1.4 GB. With the spread of DVD-disks were "images" on the 4 GB and more. However, if you are familiar with one of the three programs mentioned above, the problems in dealing with * .iso will not.

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