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That should be able to do every man?

That should be able to do every man?

Woman appreciating the man always looks as he presents himself and how to lead. On the men's appearance and character of the taste of the fair sex is different.

Someone like impulsive blondes, but someone - quiet brunettes. But the actions of men ladies judged in one way.

There is a certain unwritten set of rules that should be able to every man.

A man must be present

In the understanding of women the word "man" certainlyIt associated with the epithet "real". And, unfortunately, many of the "men" trying to be so, more and more alienated from the feminine ideal. Many representatives of the strong half of mankind think that to be a real "guy" - it means to walk with regrown beard, drink a lot of beer, expressed indecently, and most importantly - never show emotions and gentle attitude to the girls. This is the most common blunders. And if you go on the contrary, it is the first point that should be able to every man, only with the particle "no"!

A man should plant a tree, build a house,to raise her son. This statement is still true. The only thing - forget about medieval aspirations birth of an heir. The main thing is that the children have become real people.

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This man should be able to cook

On the contrary, the fact that a man must be able to, often does not fit with the image of "male". A man should know how to cook. Yes, must!

Prepare to take care of yourself when you do not evenMarried to not sit on the neck of a mother and be independent. Prepare to please his beloved unexpected surprise in the form of a romantic dinner by candlelight. Cooking, because there are men true dishes to which she simply should not be approached. A cooked-to-all rules of male hands kebab pilaf or woman will appreciate.

Man must quickly come to the aid

This man should be able to provide firstmedical care. First of all, because he, like Superman, always comes to help in the most difficult situations. The man never afraid the sight of blood, or sudden fainting ladies. He will be able to do artificial respiration, and apply a tourniquet, and in the consciousness of lead. Otherwise, call him a real man is difficult.

The man simply must be able to cope withmale cases in which women do not understand. Replace faucet in the kitchen, fix a broken kettle, wiring change - these skills are essential to life.

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A man should not be afraid of women's work

It seems amazing, but a man should be able tosew on buttons, mend clothes and ironed things. These skills are needed in order to even without the aid of a woman to look neat and well-groomed. And they are purchased in the army! After all, a representative of the stronger sex in his life is obliged to pay duty to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, where the boys turn into real men.

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