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What men do not like in women


What men do not like in women</a>

Women do not like everything in men. But those, in turn, also irritate some of the female habits.

To make your relationship with your beloved more harmonious, take a good look at yourself.



Most men do not understand women'sConcern with his body and weight. They are perplexed, looking at how women critically view themselves in the mirror. Especially they are irritated, endless female talk about diets and lost kilograms.


Almost every woman wants to gossipAbout their friends. No one will do this to you, but keep in mind that your man is unlikely to support such a conversation, because He is completely uninteresting.


Even more men hate constant nagging andTediousness. They are unaware that it is, rather, a woman's attempt to attract attention or to bring her request to the man than the real complaints. You can try to communicate with your man without these techniques. First, trust him, perhaps your constant reminders about the same superfluous. If not, then explain that what you asked for was very important for you, and his forgetfulness or inattention is frustrating.


Ordinary silence for women is alsoLeads the violent sex to rabies. It happens that they themselves are guilty of this, but this is categorically rejected by the woman. It seems to them that their second half, thereby, specifically delay the conflict. It is possible that in this they are right, and the silence after the quarrel only aggravates the situation. So try after a scandal calmly discuss all your problems.

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