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What men do not like women in

What men do not like women in

Women are not all like in men. But those, in turn, also irritate some women's habits.

To make your relationship with your loved ones more harmonious, look at yourself.



Most men do not understand womenconcern about their figure and weight. They are puzzled, looking at how women view themselves critically in the mirror. They were especially annoying, endless women talk about diets and lost weight.


Virtually every woman is not averse to gossipabout his friends. No you do not prohibit, but keep in mind that your man is unlikely to support such a conversation because it is quite interesting.


Even more men hate the constant nagging andtediousness. They do not know what it is, rather, women attempt to draw attention to themselves or to convey to the man his request than real complaints. You can try to talk with her man without these techniques. To begin with, you trust him, perhaps your constant reminders about the same completely unnecessary. If not, then explain that what you asked, it was very important to you, and his forgetfulness or inattention to upset you.


Average women resentful silence alsoIt leads the stronger sex in a rage. Sometimes they do this and sin, but by the women of this firmly reject. They think that their second half, thereby specifically tighten the conflict. It is possible that in this they are right, and the silence after an argument only makes the situation worse. So try after the scandal calmly discuss all your problems.

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