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What should be included in the inspection

What must be borne along on inspection

Technical inspection is one of the most important procedures for drivers and vehicle owners. Every year, the procedure is simplified TO, and from 2014 also apply innovations.

The list of documents is minimized, and the procedure has become more painless for drivers.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - PTS-
  • - Authorization for the passage of TO-
  • - ognetushitel-
  • - warning triangle-
  • - First aid kit.



The procedure of passing technical inspectionsimple, you need to prepare a small set of documents. Show your passport - identity document required for presentation during the passage of TO. Other documents in this case do not fit. At registration it is necessary to directly passport data, as well as related information about the applicant.


It is mandatory to provide the TCP. Present vehicle passport or certificate of registration of the vehicle. In each of these documents contains detailed information about the car (or other vehicle), which is used for processing documents for TO.


Additionally, you may need a power of attorney onTO passage, if the car is not registered to you. This document can be written by hand, in a simple way with the words, "I trust pass inspection ...", or this resolution should include a phrase in the form of power of attorney to driving. Take the power of attorney from the owner of the car and show the inspector.


With the passage is required to have in the car: Working and non-expired fire extinguisher (the amount of not less than two liters) defective warning triangle, first aid kit is desirable. During her absence, in accordance with Article 12.5 of Part 1 of the Administrative Code, traffic police officers have the right to issue a warning. Acquire the necessary items in advance.


The car does not allow for technical inspection if: dubbing as the rear lights are present, and there speredi- dubbing windscreen, front and side windows (tinted allowed no more than 40%) - cracked headlights or side mounted stekla- xenon, which was not originally intended for a particular simulation illegible registration number . Correct data breach to the safety standards.

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