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WHAT you need to have with you for a checkup

What you need to have with you for a checkup</a>

The technical inspection is one of the most important procedures for drivers and vehicle owners. Every year, the order of the TO is simplified, and since 2014 there are also innovations.

The list of documents is kept to a minimum, and the procedure itself has become more painless for drivers.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - PTS-
  • - power of attorney for TO-
  • - fire extinguisher-
  • - warning triangle-
  • First aid kit.



Procedure for passing the technical inspectionIt is necessary to prepare a small package of documents. Present the passport - the document proving the identity is obligatory for presentation at passage THAT. Another document in this case will not work. When registering a TO, you need the passport data directly, as well as the accompanying information about the applicant.


Provision of a TCP is mandatory. Present the vehicle's passport or vehicle registration certificate. Each of these documents contains detailed information about the car (or about another vehicle), which is used for registration of documents for maintenance.


You may also need a power of attorney forPassing the maintenance if the car is not registered to you. This document can be written by hand, in simple form with the words "I trust the passing of technical inspection ...", or this authorization phrase should be included in the form of the current power of attorney for driving. Take the power of attorney from the owner of the machine and present it to the inspector.


When passing TO, it is required to have in the machine: Working and not expired fire extinguisher (volume not less than two liters), serviceable emergency stop sign, it is desirable to have a first aid kit. For her absence, according to Article 12.5 of Part 1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, traffic police officers have the right to make a warning. Obtain the necessary elements in advance.


The car is not allowed to be inspected if: Tinted headlights are present both at the rear and in the front, there are tinted windscreens, front and side windows (up to 40% toning is allowed) - front lights or side windows are cracked - xenon is installed, which is not intended for this or that model - the keys are unreadable . Correct these violations before inspecting.

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