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What better to have

Is it better to have - a house or apartment?

Until recently, the vast majority of urban residents living in apartments without thinking about building your own home.

Today, construction technology has become easier andaffordable, company appeared ready for a modest fee to build a house, so people started to think about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a house or apartment.

The choice depends on the preferences and lifestyles, it is impossible to tell exactly where it is better to live.

Living in a private home

As a rule, private house is located on theplot of land, even if it is small, and a large part is occupied by residential building and other buildings, is still enough space for recreation and the realization of their desires -, content of home garden cultivation, construction of playgrounds or swimming pools, saunas buildings, creating a landscape design pets or farming.

The apartment is not possible to breed rabbits and even contain a large dog is very inconvenient and difficult.

One of the most notable advantages of a private home- Is the absence of neighbors behind the walls. Residents of adjacent buildings can not be compared with its neighbors in the apartment: they flooded the ceiling, do not make noise or wake you up in the morning the sound of drills, you do not have to be irritated because of the trash in the stairwell, left unscrupulous residents of neighboring apartments. In a private house the neighbors are far enough away - behind the fence, so much less interests intersect.

Although in this situation possible conflicts related to the construction of a fence or window treatment on the neighboring plot.

Private house is attractive because it allYou can own an attention to detail, especially if you're going to build it from scratch. You can customize the appearance and the number of floors and the layout of the rooms, and the orientation of the windows on the sides - everything to be perfect. If you wish, you can transfer any internal partitions, if they are not carriers, while the apartments have to obtain a permit. Homes are generally larger in area, so allow all members of the household to stay comfortably.
In today's world, people are dependent on comfort,which provides engineering water supply, heating, electricity, sewerage. On the one hand, the apartment does not need to worry about such issues, if all works well - but you have to depend on the establishment of tariffs for these services and to put up with the schedule of heat supply or interruptions in the water supply. The house can be installed stand-alone systems - electricity generators, well, stove or fireplace.

Living in an apartment

Living in a city apartment allowsquickly get to any desired point, even in the absence of cars: there are always nearby hospital, kindergarten, school, shops. All entertainment infrastructure and institutions providing various services nearby. In the city people feel more secure: the apartment soon will reach a fire truck, ambulance, police said. Mail comes fast internet works well, cable TV, in contrast to some suburban areas. In the town of good roads, and they do not have to clean yourself at the door of snow.
For communication in the apartment, of course, havepay rates, but most of the time it works, but do not need to look for a solution when the problem occurs independently. Also, it is not necessary to carry out repairs entrance, maintain communication quality, take out the trash.
But, living in an apartment, have to put up with poor environmental conditions, the noise on the street, unpleasant neighbors, a closed space.

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