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Is produced under the brand name ItaIta

Italian shoes

It is believed that the trendsetters in the shoes - this is the Italians, practice - Russian, kopirschiki - Chinese comfort lovers - the Germans.

But there are some brands that have managed to win the national peculiarities of perception and create a universal model.

Her Majesty - Italian shoes

It is known that our ancestors usedanimal skins for clothes, looking for new methods of preservation and painting. In countries with cold climates, shoes are also made from the skins to better protect the feet and keep them warm. At present, almost nothing has changed - we prefer shoes made of genuine leather and high-quality fur, that would be convenient, comfortable, stylish, and so on. Choosing to become more serious due to a variety of brands.

Italian shoes

Italian footwear company known today ITA ITA"Broken" in the Russian market only in 2000. A little later, in 2007, as a result of a successful re-branding was created by the eponymous brand of men's and women's shoes. In this concept of the brand is to represent a successful innovative ideas in the creation of fashion footwear trends.

The creation of shoes ITA ITA participate potentials of the two countries. Ideas are developed by Italian stylists, and she made shoes at Russian factories. ITA ITA - it's shoes medium class. Shoes "young" brand, which has already found "the way to the heart," a buyer in the Russian footwear market.

Italian shoes

It is made with a higher utilizationpercentage of manual labor. To make all efforts to meet the expectations of the buyer. In the production of natural materials are used. Colours vary from dark colors: black, brown, blue and green palette to white and gray pastel colors. The design also pleases with its variety, from classical to ethnic motives, keeping fine lines which give the shoes, in the truth, sculptural forms. This approach is a pleasant surprise.

Shoe izdeliyaITA ITA encouraging more democratica price tag that is in harmony with the quality. For customers who have more developed individualism, brand ITA ITA offers several series, especially for such cases. Trend Collection is designed for those who appreciate not just stylish and trend models, this daring style decors with the most unexpected and unusual colors.

ITA ITA - boots

Alisia Series offers functionaldesigner shoes that properly chosen and is perfect for any occasion, mood and outfit. And finally, for fans of casual-style, you can pick up anything in Punto.it series, this shoe that combines comfort, style and beauty of the subject to fashion trends. Among the large range of shoes, you can choose to suit every taste.

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