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What do turtle eat?


What do turtles eat?</a>

The health of a turtle depends directly on the correct and varied diet. And it is necessary to approach this case very seriously.

Indeed, in nature, turtles feed on one type or another of food, depending on the season.

Errors in feeding can cost the tortoise of life.

To properly make a menu for yourPet, it is necessary to find out to which species it belongs. Preferences for food are formed in the turtle, depending on the environment of its habitat. Some species prefer only meat, other algae, plants, seeds. The American Box Turtle is not choosy and eats almost everything. There are species of turtles, which at a young age prefer only worms and beetles, and when they grow up, they start eating everything.
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An important element is calcium

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Turtle nutrition should contain a largeAmount of calcium and phosphorus. However, it is not enough to provide the pet with these elements. In order to assimilate and benefit, vitamin D3 is needed, which is produced in the body of the pet under the influence of heat and sunlight. If vitamin D3 for some reason can not be obtained naturally, you can buy the drug in a pet store.
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In the tortoise menu, you can include products withProtein content. It can be boiled fish, eggs, lean beef, shrimp, chicken, earthworms. Occasionally, you can give food for cats and dogs. Only fat and raw meat, as well as fish, are banned.
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In moderation quantities, protein foods can notHarm your turtle. However, if the pet mainly eats only such food, he may soon begin to have problems with the kidneys. Therefore, do not be lazy to diversify the nutrition of the turtle with protein and vegetable food, the percentage of which depends on the type of turtle.
Thus, the feeding of domestic predatory turtles andHerbivorous is different from feeding an omnivorous content of plants and proteins. For example, a predatory turtle for normal existence should eat 90% protein food and 10% vegetable food. Whereas the herbivorous tortoises are all the way around.

Plant food

In addition to phosphorus, calcium and protein, the turtle menuMust contain plant food. Offer your pet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, a piece of pumpkin, green peas, beans, corn. Also, food can be varied with leaves of grapes, salad, thistle, fig leaves.
Most likely, the turtle will not give up someFruits, berries and flowers. Pamper it with an apple, melon, orange, mango. Of berries, turtles, as a rule, are not indifferent to blueberries, blackberries, grapes and strawberries. And as for flowers, almost all kinds of turtles like geranium, lily, dandelion, nasturtium, pansies.
Nutrition of the turtle at home can be difficult to balance. In this case, you should use special food for turtles. They will help to maintain the health of your pet for many years.

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