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Than cure thick green snot a child

The thick green snot treat a child

Runny nose - is the main satellite colds, which could pick up your child.

Green nasal discharge is necessary to begin to heal, you can not let it go, otherwise the problem can develop into sinusitis.

For thick mucus gives a lot of inconvenience to the kid, he can not breathe and eat.

Causes of green snot

The appearance of snot green indicatesthe presence of bacterial infection in the nature of the child's body. Neutrophils, which have the ability to fight infection, are killed. And their degradation products and micro-organisms are responsible for color discharge from the nose. Most often snot appear in winter and autumn, when the immune defense is weakened. Changes in the environment and weather conditions affect the child's body.
At the beginning of colds noseIt begins to flow liquid substance. Then, in the respiratory tract pathogens multiply, joins the flora of bacteria, micro-organisms as a result of the process of development begins. The result is that there is mucus in the form of a thick green mucus. There is swelling of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx. In the absence of proper treatment, the infection progresses, it can lead to inflammation of the middle ear, sinusitis and the defeat of the maxillary sinus.


In order to facilitate the child's breathing, it is recommendeduse of vasoconstrictive drops to be instilled after received the doctor's recommendations. In no event shall not exceed the stated dose. In the case of frequent use of nasal drops narrowed vessels, which leads to drying of precipitates and damage the mucosa. Often, doctors prescribe antibiotics, but their use may cause weakening of the body and the development of dysbiosis. Therefore, antibiotics should be used with extreme caution.
You can cook at home sparingnasal drops in saline. It is also recommended to dig into the nasal passages of the child weak saline solution. Such agents are considered safe, they do not lead to addiction, reduce the amount of emitted green mucus.

Traditional methods of treatment

With the help of drugs you take offinflammatory process, then it is already possible to resort to the treatment of folk remedies. To save the child from the punishment in the form of green snot, prepare the herbal solution. To do this, mix a tablespoon of yarrow and calendula, pour a glass of boiling water. Insist within thirty minutes. Then strain, cooled infusion use for instillation into the nose.
Good folk remedy for discharge fromnose - tool made from freshly squeezed potato juice, beets and carrots. Mix the juice in equal proportions and drip a few drops in the nose. Already in the coming hours will decrease the inflammatory process. You can dig in natural bee honey, pre-diluted in saline.
More often walk around with the baby in the fresh air,Provide your baby nourished in order to strengthen the protective function of the immune system. Products must contain a sufficient number of amino acids, enzymes, trace elements and vitamins that strengthen the body.

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