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Than the famous Princess Tenko

The famous Princess Tenko

Princess Tenko - Japan's largest illyuzionistka standing in a row with such world stars like David Copperfield and David Blaine.

Unfortunately, the Russians, it is still not known, because Russia has never come.

Who is Princess Tenko

Princess Tenko - a pseudonym of the famous Japaneseillyuzionistki and pop singer Mariko Itakura. Mariko is also known in his homeland as a theater and film director, photographer and artist. Currently, she is the chairman of the magic of the Japan Association for International Exchange.
For several years she studied Itakuravarious tricks at large Japanese illusionist Tenko Hikita. In 1978 she made her debut as a singer on the channel Fuji TV, and her performances were accompanied by tricks. Musical career girl continued until Hikita death in 1980. After the death of magician Mariko recognized second Tenko, although she was not the only student of the master.

After the death of the teacher Tenko Hikita Mariko took the nickname Princess Tenko.

World fame

In 1990, the Academy of Magical Arts"Illusionist of the Year" awarded the title of Itakura. World fame came to Princess Tenko in 1994, after a speech in the United States in the Music Hall Radio City. Its popularity was so great that it became the prototype for the main character of the animated series "Princess Tenko and the keepers of magic." In addition, a series of dolls, named in her honor was released.
In 1998, the Princess visited the DPRK and solike the country's leader Kim Jong-il, he was later named the theater after her. Moreover, when, during the following tour Tenko was supposed to perform the trick with the release of the tank with water, head ordered to use Evian mineral water instead of plain water. Princess has also been invited to stay and live in North Korea, but she refused.

In 2011, Princess Tenko was invited to the funeral of Kim Jong-Ina, but she refrained from traveling.

In 2007, Mariko has been hit hard and almostHe died during a performance of the famous trick with swords. She had to hide in a wooden box, which is then pierced with ten sharp blades, and disappear in time. Tenko did not have time to get out, and all the blades are pierced into her body - by happy coincidence one of them got into the eyes, passing inches from him. Curiously, despite the bleeding, the woman continued to speak for another half hour.
Finally it is worth noting that the princess is knownnot only for their skill, but also a passion for expensive purchases. Thus, it is often involved in major auctions and by now had time to buy a suitcase Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon's car, which he drove in the movie «Imagine».

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