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WHAT to process a tree from putrefaction


Wooden objects can be treated with wax</a>

Despite the availability and durabilityModern synthetic materials, from which everything is made, from panels to figurines, many house owners still prefer wood. Products from this traditional material give the home a special charm.

The tree has only one serious drawback - with improper care and unfavorable conditions it can corrupt.

But the owner is able to avoid it.

Why does the tree rot?

Wood is mainly composed of cellulose, thenThere is a polysaccharide, which simply adores all kinds of bacteria and fungi. Unpleasant guests very easily multiply in the presence of moisture, and then decay begins. Therefore, the tree must first of all be protected from moisture. If you are going to do something from this material, the wood must first be dried thoroughly, otherwise no impregnations will help.

It is especially important to dry the wood well if you are going to make musical instruments or wooden sculptures.

Wooden figurines

The easiest way to handle small decorative wooden objects - dishes, figurines, various ornaments. For the processing of products you will need:
- paraffin-
- can-
- cooker-
- a rigid tissue napkin.
Take a few paraffin candles. Melt them in a tin can. Put the object in liquid paraffin. At first it will be on the surface. Hold the jar on the fire until the product is completely submerged. Then pull out the thing and wipe it with a stiff napkin.

Paraffin can be replaced with stearin or vegetable oil.

Elements of furniture

Larger wooden objects can be rubbedWaxing. It should be noted that any method is suitable only for dry wood. Put the item in a warm dry place (for example, in a heated and extinct oven, if you live in a village). When the product warms up, grind it with wax. You can rub it with a piece of solid wax, and soaked in gasoline to the state of the paste.

Architectural elements

Architectural elements made of wood,Can be impregnated with hot linseed oil. Olif pour into a metal bowl and heat to a boil. Apply a layer of impregnation to the surface, let it absorb. You can apply one or two more layers. This work can only be done outdoors.

Technical details

Boat hulls and machine elements, directlyContact with water during operation, it is recommended to resin. The resin composition includes a gum, sometimes a tar. Works are also conducted outdoors. Smoke pre-melted. The parts grind quickly, as the resin very hardens very quickly.

Other formulations

In hardware stores you can find a lot ofCompositions and impregnations for wood processing. Far from all of them are effective. In particular, water-based preparations are very quickly broken down and removed from the wood if it is in high humidity conditions. A radical method of protecting wood from rotting is the surface coating with gold. This is a very expensive method, so it is used almost exclusively when processing works of art. In this case, the very texture of the tree disappears, and this must also be taken into account. Painting and varnishing of wood can be used to protect wooden surfaces in an apartment or house with a good heating and ventilation system. In all other cases (for example, in the open air), they are not a way to protect wood and even more - accelerate the process of decay, if moisture falls under a layer of paint or varnish.

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