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WHAT handle a bow against worms

How to handle a bow against worms

In early spring when the gardens there is a first color, a sinister flight begins onion flies. By the name of these insects is easy to guess how they cause damage to plants.

If you do not want to be left without a crop of onions, then you just need to know how to deal with the larvae (worms) data pests.

Onion fly - an insect lays eggs orthe beds with onions or in the aisle or in the neck of the bulbs themselves. For about a week the eggs emerge larvae, which, in turn, climb inside the bulbs and eat them from the inside. Onion fly themselves are small (up to seven millimeters), the larvae reach about one centimeter in length.

Methods of dealing with the larvae of onion flies (worms)

The fight against these pests should begineven when onion planting. First of all seeds (bulbs) to be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (to prepare a solution and soak the onion for 30 minutes). After planting beds need to pollinate onions ash (a glass of ash per sq. Meter). If you do not possess the ash, it can be replaced with sand or dry humus, mixed with a small amount of naphthalene. It is worth remembering that onion flies can not tolerate the pungent smell, so they repel in the aisle can be expanded tomato tops, tarragon or tysyachiletnik. It is useful to spray the beds infusion of the same herbs.

If the above procedures nebyli held and onions still attacked by the larvae, it is necessary to carry out the following:

- Spray the plants specially prepared solution (four kilograms of tomato foliage pour a bucket of water, boil, add a little soap) -

- In a bucket of warm water to dissolve 300 grams of salt and pour over the beds. The procedure is repeated after 10-12 days.

It is worth noting that the last method of getting rid of the larvae, though very effective, but it is not the best way affects the soil.

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