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Than processed cabbage from fleas

The process of cabbage fleas

If you see that small dark cabbage flea beetles, then immediately get ready to fight for the harvest, because the pest is likely - Cruciferous midge.

If inactive, the data insects can as soon as possible to destroy all the seedlings.

Cruciferous fleas - small jumping beetlesblack or green, with a convex back and thick hind legs. They look quite harmless insects data, but in reality these midges can cause significant damage to gardeners, as plants belonging to the family of crucifers - a favorite delicacy of these pests: just a day, they can completely ruin the young shoots.

Crucifer flea - control measures

So as soon as you notice these insectscabbage, then, as mentioned above, immediately proceed to fight with them. Not bad with the crucifer flea handle many folk remedies, for example, one of the most effective - a mixture of dust (normal road) and naphthalene. All you need to do is mix equal proportions of these ingredients, put the mixture in a gauze bag and pritrusit soil around the plants. Well-proven as a mixture of ash, tobacco dust and lime.

As for the popular recipes for sprayingcabbage from the beetles, the effective mixture of ash. It is necessary to pour a liter of ash three liters of water, add a little liquid soap (a teaspoon), mix and allow to brew for about three to five hours. Over time, spray the plants (to make it better in the early morning). The procedure is necessary to carry out at least three times at five-day intervals.

Good deter these pests and other infusions for spraying, for example, acetic (glass 9% vinegar to a bucket of water), garlic (minced garlic glass for five liters of water).

Generally, if you do not want to know the problems with thepest as crucifer flea, you just need to carry out preventive measures against these pests. For example, cabbage seedlings before planting around the beds can plant dill, potatoes and cumin, and put into the furrows branch wormwood.

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