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How to test a graphics card


How to test a graphics card</a>

In the process of the computer sometimes there are various problems with the image on the monitor.

The problems can be in the software or in the hardware, for example, overheating of the video card or driver malfunction.

To solve the problems, various tests are used, which are carried out with the help of special programs.

Testing is also performed to determine the overall system performance.



If the video card is made on an ATI chip orNVIDIA, then its test can be carried out using the program ATITool. This program has a number of advantages over competitors, except that it is free, it allows you to check the computational capabilities of the video card at high temperatures, heating it more than any demanding system of the program.
Download and install ATITool. Running the program, you can see information about the current state of the video card. Click the Show 3D view button.

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A 3d rendering window with a rotating cube opens,At the same time, information will be given about the current and average FPS. The program should work in this mode for about 15 minutes. In the process of testing, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the processor, if this value exceeds the value of 85 degrees, then the test should be stopped, temperatures in the range of 65 to 75 degrees are considered normal. Its increase, most likely, speaks about the dried thermo paste under the cooler. If a lot of yellow spots appear on the screen, then the video card overheats or the power supply has insufficient power. If during the test the temperature does not rise above the critical marks, and the number of spots does not exceed 3 to 5 pieces, then the video card is in good condition.

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Click the Scan for Artifacts button, and theThe next test with the same rotating cube is started. This test reveals the number of errors in the operation of the video card. If there are no errors during the time of its execution (10 - 15 minutes), then the video card works normally.

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