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How to Check CPU performance

How to check the performance of the processor

In the process of working on a computer you canarise suspicion of unstable processor or malfunctioning. Malfunctions of the processor are the cause of unstability of your entire computer.

In order to dispel doubts about the correctness of the processor, it is necessary to test its performance.

You will need

  • Computer processor, archiver and large volume file basic skills to work with a computer.



The easiest way to determine fault inprocessor is to be replaced. If you have your opportunity for some time to use the other, the same processor, you must remove the "suspicious" of the motherboard CPU socket and the other set.


performance testing processor Testing can be carried out by usingspecial software. Currently, there are many diagnostic programs available for download on the Internet. After downloading a diagnostic program, run it, and testing performance processor. Moreover, this software allows you to test not only the processor, but also the motherboard, graphics card and other computer components.


But the majority of diagnostic programs areapply. If you do not do testing of computer equipment on a professional basis, the purchase of such a program would be inappropriate for you. There is a free way to test processor. For this you need anyArchiver program (ZIP, RAR) and large volume file archiving which will take several hours. Try to back up the file. If the backup will run with errors or after the file backup process, the archive will be inoperative, it is a clear sign that your processor is in failure. During the archiving main load is transferred to the processor, and long-term archiving certainly identify failures.

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