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How to test the efficiency of the processor


How to test the efficiency of the processor</a>

While working on a computer, you canThere is a suspicion of unstable operation of the processor or its malfunctioning. Failures in the processor cause unstable operation of the entire computer.

In order to dispel doubts about the correct operation of the processor, it is necessary to test its performance.

You will need

  • A computer, a processor, an archiver program and a large file, the initial skills to work with a computer.



The simplest way to find out the fault inProcessor is its replacement. If you have the opportunity for some time to use another, exactly the same processor, you need to remove the "suspicious" processor from the socket of the motherboard and install another one.


Performance check Of the processor Can be carried out by testing withSpecial software. Currently, there are many diagnostic programs available for download on the Internet. After downloading such a diagnostic program, run it and test the operability Of the processor. And this software allows you to test not only the processor, but also the motherboard, video card and other elements of the computer.


But most diagnostic programs arePaid. If you do not test computer equipment on a professional basis, then the purchase of such a program for you will be inappropriate. There is a free test method Of the processor. To do this you will need anyA program-archiver (ZIP, RAR) and a large file, the archiving of which will take several hours. Try to archive this file. If the backup will fail, or after the archive file is archived, the archive will not work, it is a clear sign that your processor is malfunctioning. During the backup, the main load is transferred to the processor, and a long backup will surely detect malfunctions.

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