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RULES for checking the readings of water meters


Rules for checking the readings of water meters</a>

Recently the problem is actively discussedMonthly fee for consumed energy. The decrease in the payment of public utilities is directly related to the installation of metering devices in the apartments, in particular water meters.

To avoid errors in the calculation of water flow, it is necessary to check the water meter from time to time.

Features of the water meter check

Installation of water meters in the apartments for a long timeHas acquired a massive character. In such cases, a contractual relationship arises between the owner of the apartment and the power supply organization, in which issues of installation, maintenance and monthly reading of the meter are settled.

Often in contracts, the responsible companies do notIndicate that the owner must conduct a water meter check every four years. In technical documentation this is defined as verification of the meter. Checking the water meter - the service is chargeable, its cost varies within two thousand rubles.

Usually, the water canal of your city or an organization that has a license for this type of service conducts seals and verification of water meters.

Such an organization is a government.

Verification determines the error of the instrument on the readings. The water meter verification period was initially set by the plant and marked in the meter's passport.

Procedure for checking the meter.

If the verification period of the meter has come, you have two options for completing this procedure.

First option. You can remove the water meter yourself at home and take it to the governer for inspection. This option is cheaper, because. You do not have to pay employees of the power supply organization for dismantling the meter. But in this case, the owner has a problem of a temporary lack of water in the apartment. In addition, you should record the readings for the day of the water meter removal, and then record them in the power supply organization.

The second option. Apply for an energy supply company or a water canal for the dismantling of a water meter. On the appointed day representatives of the water canal will remove the meter. On the day of removal of the water meter you will make an act, in which you will record the readings at the time of dismantling. Within thirty days, while your device is under inspection, you have the right to pay for water not on average standards, but on average indicators of your meter for the last six months.

After your water meter is verified,You should as soon as possible give an application to the power supply organization to install a meter in your apartment. At the time of installation, the employees of the Vodokanal must draw up an act on the registration of an already trusted counter.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the readings for the day of dismantling and at the time of the reverse installation coincide.

In order not to have to spend extra money,When buying a meter, always pay attention to the date of the factory calibration. Please note that the next verification should be carried out only four years after the factory calibration.

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