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RULES checking readings of water meters

Rules readings checking water meters

Recently, actively discussing the issuemonthly payment for consumed energy. utility payments Reducing directly associated with the installation of metering devices in homes, such as water meters.

To avoid errors in the flow rate calculations, it is necessary from time to time carry out checks water meter.

Features water meter inspection

Installation of water meters in apartments for a long timeIt has acquired a mass character. In such cases, between the owner of the apartment and there are power-contractual relationship in which regulated questions of installation, maintenance and monthly reading of the metering device.

Often contracts are not responsible companiesIt indicates that the owner is required every four years to inspect the water meter. The technical documentation is defined as testing calculation devices. Verification of water meters - a paid service, its value varies in the range of two thousand.

Usually oplombirovku calibrated water meters and carries out water utility in your city or organization that has a license to conduct this type of service.

Such an organization is gospoveritelem.

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Calibration determines the accuracy of the device to the testimony. Period check the water meter is initially installed in the factory and marked the counter passport.

Procedure for checking metering device.

If approached life testing calculation devices, you have two options for passage of this procedure.

First option. You can remove the water meter on their own at home and take it to the gospoveritelyu for review. This embodiment is cheaper because you do not have to pay employees the power supply organization for the dismantling of the meter. But in this case, the owner of a temporary problem of lack of water in the apartment. In addition, you should record the readings on the day of removal of the water meter, and then commit them to the power supply organization.

The second option. Apply to utility companies or water utility for dismantling the water meter. On the appointed day, representatives of water utility metering device will be removed. On the day of removal of the water meter you will make the act, which will record readings at the time of removal. Within thirty days, until your device is on the check, you have the right not to pay for water based on average standards, but on the average performance of your counter over the last six months.

Once your water meter pass verification,you should as soon as possible to give an application to the power company to install metering device in your apartment. At the time of installation of water utility employees must draw up a statement of reception on the account has an attorney counter.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the evidence on the day of removal and installation at the time of the reverse match.

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In order to not have to spend extra money,when you buy the device account always pay attention to the date of factory calibration. Note that the following calibration you have to spend only four years after the factory.

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