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How to terminate the contract of uncompensated use

How to terminate the contract of uncompensated use

The contract of uncompensated use (contractloans) establishes the provision of one side for temporary or permanent use the other side of any property (real estate, cars, etc.). Typically such agreements are a favor and friendly service provided by the borrower.

But sometimes these agreements are concluded between organizations and individuals for advertising purposes.

How to terminate or become irrelevant onerous contract?



Check carefully with the agreement concludedbetween the lender and the loan recipient. Find out if the terms of the agreement negotiated, and what terms are needed to the lender or the borrower were timely warned about actions on the other side of the termination of the contract.


If the contract is not specified the timing of its action,the contract is considered indefinite (that especially can not be stipulated). If the contract is not the dates on which the lender and the borrower must notify the other party about the termination of the contract, that such a term is considered to be 1 month.


The contract all the conditions must be marked onwhose property has been granted. In addition to the contract of all the documents confirming the satisfactory condition of the property must be attached when viewed from its both sides. If no such documents, the lender will then be difficult to prove that the borrower gave him the material and other damage, turning the property properly.


have to be specified in the contract thatproperty is transferred for free use by an act of reception and transmission, drawn up in 2 copies and certified by both parties. The very act of reception and transmission must be present in the package of accompanying documents.


agreement terminated in the event that the lender did notI warn the borrower about the existence of third parties who have a legal right to the property. A lender may terminate the agreement, if the borrower has transferred the right to use this thing to a third person.


agreement be terminated unilaterally by the lender only if the contract so provides. The borrower may request its termination in any way.


agreement It may also be terminated by agreement of the parties or by a court decision, if at the time of his actions there were any circumstances not provided for by the parties.

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