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Tendency to lie

The tendency to lie - the basis for creativity

To explain all the mysteries of the human brain scientists are unlikely to ever succeed.

This unique tool, having a hugehidden resources, capable of the most amazing things. Sculptors and artists create immortal masterpieces and unique writers of literary works that describe fictional worlds, or rather accurately predict future events.

What is most surprising, the human tendency to lie - not that other, as a manifestation of the creative abilities of the brain.

Composing fiction is not so easy process forthe brain, the more likely a very hard job. It is much easier to assess and describe the environmental situation for what it is really, than clothe her fictional events and facts. How often zavralsya man stopped with the phrase: "Tell the truth better, you do not know how to lie!"

Indeed, to turn in their liesplausible story is available is not for everyone. Here it is necessary to control a number of factors, not to betray myself. This control of their emotions and facial expressions, as well as the ability to control its own memory. To lie looked authentic, and you need to believe in it so much that in the future adhere to the option chosen.

The ability to easily and naturally akin to lieacting talent. But in order to become a successful actor, you also need a long time to learn. Many of the same people are trying to introduce others into error, relying only on his charm and ability to compose on the fly. Such a lie, as a rule, can be quickly detected, trust, interest and respect for the narrator drops.

Therefore advantageous to tell the truth than to putbefore your brain a daunting task, wasted wasting valuable creative resources. Release the creative energy can be spent on more interesting activities, for example, write a new fairy tale for your baby.

You never know, maybe inventedchildren's story will ever worldwide bestseller, and glorify your name. In any case, you will gain credibility in the eyes of others, while false will leave an indelible stain on the reputation of the most ideal.

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