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How to tell briefly about yourself

Get ready to say about myself the most important

It is important to be able to tell you about myself with a few phrases. And the story has to be different from similar stories of other people.

You can arrange a joint game, to understandthe effectiveness of your story. This skill will come in handy during a telephone interview, when meeting in workshops, in other situations, where you have to leave a lasting impression about yourself.

Should be prepared in advance to achieve this effect.



Write 30 sentences about himself in past. Proposals should be brief and specific. Describe what you have achieved. Remember the achievements in different spheres of life - in school, sports, leadership. Write down what mechanisms possess, subjects read any books, any foreign languages ​​studied. Add phrases about how you were in the nature of childhood, adolescence. Remember that you are valued, which set goals.


Write 30 sentences about himself present. Formulate your current goals, dreams, character traits. Try to look at yourself from the outside.


Write 30 sentences about himself in future. Imagine that you are already there. Describe how you will feel yourself what new goals set.


Print out all the offers on the printer. You should get 90 or more offers, printed under each other.


Cut the list into strips. On each strip of paper should be only one sentence.


Mix strips. Let the mixed past, present and future.


Lay the strips into 3 groups. What these groups are "very important", "Overview", "You can forget."


Do not throw away any offers, save them for the future. Depending on the purpose of the story himselfYou once want to expand the offer to groups differently. Something would be important, but something can be postponed negligible.


Tell us about himselfUsing a group of "very important". If this group were too many proposals, choose the most important. Good rehearse your story.

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