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How to talk about yourself in the competition (casting)?

How to talk about yourself in the competition (casting)?

The story about yourself at the competition, or the casting - it is a good opportunity to show himself to the public with the best hand.

At this point, it is important not to get lost, to maintain self-control and to be truly honest and open.

The ideal story should present your strengths and distinctive features.

How to create a presentation of text

To nice and original present themselves,should be prepared in advance. The text of the presentation of the future is pre-write on paper and carry it with you as an interesting idea might come to mind almost at any time. When preparing the presentation of the text in the first place should take into account that it should be fairly brief, but informative. Remember that story should describe it for you, not some abstract girl. Think about what distinguishes you from others, what unique characteristics and qualities you possess.

When the story of their strengths, the main thing - it's not shy, but at the same time, do not cross the fine line of boasting.

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Talking about its pros do not be pustoslovny,back up their statements short stories of life, well, if they cause a smile. You can also tell us about your plans for the near future and on what you have already achieved.

Emphasize even the most standard contentyour submission may be the original form of presentation, for example, if you write poetry - zarifmuyte text of your speech, and if it refers to your ability to dance well or sing - support your words with deeds, perform a small piece of a beautiful dance or song. Such surprises are usually well-perceived by the audience, and immediately sets you apart from other applicants.

It is not necessary to memorize the prepared textpresentation strictly from memory, then during a speech you will look very unnatural. Composed text should rather serve as a kind of guide, which you can stick during performances. You may want to change it, focusing on the new information, or just a bit of spice, adding a sparkling jokes, just come into your head.

How to talk about yourself in the competition

During a story about yourself at the competition it is important to maintain composure while remaining the most sincere and open.

While the story itself not forget to use the main weapon of any girl - a smile that can melt the heart of any, even the most stringent public.

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Speak clearly, distinctly and loudly, try notrush, but not to delay the word. Avoid monotony, work out in advance to speak with proper intonation. If in real life you love the gesture, and forbid not afford it, and during the performance, as this will give you a unique and help you remember the audience.

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