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How to tell a child about death

How to start a conversation

Every parent should be ready for the fact that his kid will ask what is death.

At the same time for such discussion, it is desirable to prepare in advance, or better yet, start it yourself. But how to choose the right words that generally worth talking to the kid?

Where to start such a serious conversation?

What to say and what better to remain silent?



Many parents try as long as possible not to touch the topic of death with the baby, so it's not clouded his childhood. In fact, better in advance and in an accessible form for a child to tell him about of death. This discussion will take place not only easy, but also allow you to prepare for the inevitable future of the baby.

The inevitable future.


Tell a child about of death You can have 3-4 years. In this phrase should be as simple as possible. For example, you can explain to him that the old flower beds to die in the fall, but in their place new ones grow in the spring. We remember the flowers that bloomed there in the past year, remember these.


When disaster struck, and died someone in your familya relative of the child, do not hide from the fact that the kid. It is better to tell us that, for example, my grandmother was ill, many have lived and seen a lot. Now she no longer lives with us, but she is constantly watching us and continue their lives in our hearts and memories.

He continues his life ..


Many children are also very sensitivethe death of a pet, and there is nothing unnatural. It is quite normal that a child is grieving. Your task - is to keep the baby and teach him the fact of death pet more gently as possible.

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