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TECHNOLOGY of installation of entrance doors


Technology of installation of entrance doors</a>

A strong and reliable front door is a guarantee of comfort and safety of the home.

When they enter a new apartment, its owners try first of all to install a metal door.

Manufacturing doors are usually assigned to specialized enterprises, but its installation is quite possible to produce a house master who has the skills of locksmith and installation work.

Is it difficult to install the door yourself?

The cost of the entrance door is composed ofSeveral components. This includes the price of the material, door hardware, locking devices, as well as the cost of finishing the metal door. With a professional installation there will be costs for welding, assembly and installation work. Completing the installation work on their own, you can make the installation of the entrance door cheaper.

It is necessary to know that if the door is installed independently, the warranty on the product from the manufacturer's side, as a rule, ceases to operate.

Correct installation of the entrance door is very important,Because this largely depends on the performance characteristics of the entire structure, including the frame, cloth, hinges and locks. If you are confident in your abilities, have the necessary experience of construction and installation works and skillful hands, then installing the front door instead of the old wooden structure will not be a big problem.

Carrying out the installation of the entrance door to the apartment, it is importantStrictly observe the simple rules, the sequence of actions and all technological operations. It is assumed that all preliminary measurements were made correctly and without errors, otherwise it may be necessary to expand the doorway. With proper removal of dimensions, the technological gaps between the wall and the door frame should not exceed 15 mm on each side.

Dismantling the old door

Before installing the new doorFirst of all, it is necessary to carefully dismantle the old entrance door. The door leaf is carefully removed from the hinges. The easiest way is to perform this operation if the door is on the hinges of a collapsible type. In this case, it is opened at an angle greater than 90 degrees, and raised using wedge pads or a conventional crowbar. After that, the door is easily removed from the hinges in the upper direction.

If the design uses integral hinges, the cloth is unscrewed with a screwdriver of the appropriate size.

When the door leaf is removed from the hinges, go toDismantling the box. Usually it consists of wooden bars located along the perimeter of the aperture. The task is to extract most of the nails and anchors, through which the box is fixed in the doorway. Then the box is sawn to the lower and upper parts and tear off using a crowbar and a hammer. When the doorway is released from the box, its edges are cleaned from pieces of insulation, from the old plaster and remove the protruding nails.

Installing a new front door

Sequence of actions when installing a newThe door is largely determined by the way of fastening in the opening of the metal frame. Most often you have to deal with two such methods. In the first case, the door block is in the same plane with the wall, when viewed from the entrance side. In another, more rare case, the unit is recessed in the doorway.

Usually fastening of a frame of a door is made by means ofSpecial mounting plates, which are fixed to the side frames of the frame. The plates have a mounting hole for installing pieces of reinforcement or anchor bolts. After plugging such pins or screwing in the anchors, they are welded directly to the frame.

If the thickness of the walls in the place of installation of the doorExceeds 150 mm, a second fixing method is used. At the same time, the block is heated in the opening to the required depth and fastened with metal pins, which are driven into the wall. If holes are not provided in advance, they are drilled directly during the installation of the door. Such pins after installation are also attached to the door frame by welding.

Fixing the frame in the doorway is most convenientBy means of wooden wedges, precisely maintaining the gaps provided by the technology. When the frame is stable in the opening, it is possible to pierce the hole through the lugs of the mounting plates. The depth of the holes should be about 100 mm. In these holes, pieces of reinforcement are clogged or anchor bolts are inserted.

Do not forget when installing the door from time to time to check the position of the door frame on the building level.

After fixing the frame to it, hang the doorCanvas, beforehand having greased the hinges. Now you can install all the door hardware. At the final stage, the technological gaps between the doorway and the frame are filled with mounting foam all around the perimeter, leaving no gaps.

That the foam is better in contact with the elementsWalls, it is desirable to slightly moisten the water. Foam usually dries for about a day, after which its protruding fragments can be cut with a mounting knife. Now it remains to plaster the slopes of the doors and close the places where the mounting eyes are located with the same solution. At this the installation of the entrance metal door is completed.

In terms of technology, the installation of the entrance door is notIs particularly difficult, but for some operations you may need the help of a partner. So you can save time and avoid the need to correct flaws in work.

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