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TECHNOLOGY of dry screed when laying flooring: step by step instruction


Suhaja stjazhka tehnologija</a>

To create a reliable base when laying flooring, the technology of dry screeds is often used.

This method is particularly in demand when laying warm floors, while it is easy to install a dry screed with your own hands.

Dry screed for fast and high-quality repair

To repair the apartment was made qualitatively andIn the future, did not cause criticism, you need to properly prepare the walls, floors and ceilings. It is especially important to perform a quality installation of the floor for laying the floor covering. For this purpose, several technologies have been developed, each of which deserves attention, but the most popular is the dry screed, which can be purchased in building stores. This method of installing the floor is quite convenient and economical, allows you to quickly carry out repairs at any time of the year and does not require complex preparatory work.

Especially relevant is the use of this technology, if:

  • Repair is carried out in the winter period-
  • Planned the installation of warm floors on a wooden base-
  • It is necessary to disguise communications-
  • It is required to reduce the noise level in the room-
  • It is necessary to minimize the load on the bearing walls of the building-
  • It is necessary to carry out urgent repairs in a dwelling.

Stages of installation of a floor basis on technology of a dry coupler

Cope with the installation of the floor on dry technologyEven an amateur can lay the screed, but the quality of the finishing flooring will not be affected. Installation of a prefabricated floor with a dry screed should be carried out according to a certain technology and include the following stages of work:

  1. First, the old floor covering is dismantled, the surface is freed from debris and dust.
  2. All the cracks and gaps in the base must be filled with cement mortar and dried.
  3. The next step is to lay a special layerMoisture-insulating material, the role of which can play a polyethylene film, parchment or vapor barrier material. Since the dry screed is sensitive to moisture, neglecting this step can lead to deformation of the floor covering when leaking water pipes or high humidity in the room.
  4. To level the screed, it is necessary to place beacons on the floor, which should be located perpendicular to the cover panels. These can be wooden bars or building metal profiles.
  5. After that, fit and carefullyTamped dry mixture - expanded clay screed. As a result, a smooth and hard surface should be obtained, along which you can walk without fear, leaving no traces.
  6. Beacons need to be removed, the remaining grooves are covered with expanded clay mixture and compacted.

On top of the dry screed are stacked panels ofGypsum-fiber sheets or waterproof plywood. The panels are glued with special glue and additionally fastened with screws. On such a foundation, any floor covering can be laid. Floors laid on the technology of dry screed, are able to withstand the same loads as floors with a traditional concrete screed. This also contributes to the growing popularity of dry screed technology for construction companies and those who appreciate the quality and practicality of repair work.

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