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TECHNOLOGY dry screed when laying flooring: step by step instructions

suhaja stjazhka tehnologija

dry screed technology is often used to create a reliable foundation when laying floor coverings.

This method is especially in demand when installing underfloor heating, while easy to perform installation of dry screed with his hands.

Dry screed for fast and high quality repair

To repair the apartment was made qualitatively andin the future is not satisfactory, you need to properly prepare the walls, floors and ceilings. It is especially important to perform a quality installation base for laying the floor covering. To this end, developed several technologies, each of which deserves attention, but the most popular is dry screed, which can be purchased in DIY stores. This method of floor installation is quite easy to use and economical, allows at any time of the year to carry out repairs quickly and does not require complex preparation.

Especially important to use this technology, if:

  • repairs carried out in the winter period-
  • planned unit underfloor heating on wooden osnovanii-
  • We need to disguise kommunikatsii-
  • required to reduce the noise level in pomeschenii-
  • it is necessary to minimize the load on the load-bearing walls building-
  • necessary to carry out urgent repairs in the living room.

Stages of installation on the floor base dry screed technology

Coping with the floor installation on dry technologyTies can even a layman, the quality of the finish flooring is not affected. Installation of the precast floor with dry screed must be performed on a particular technology, and include the following stages:

  1. First performed dismantling of the old flooring, the surface is freed of debris and dust.
  2. All cracks and gaps in the ground to fill with cement mortar and dry.
  3. The next step - put a special layerWaterproofing material, which can play the role of plastic film, glassine paper or vapor barrier material. Since the dry screed is sensitive to moisture, disregard this step can lead to deformation of the floor covering at the leaking water pipes or high humidity.
  4. To align the tie to be laid on the floor of the beacons that should be perpendicular to the cover panels. It can be wood or metal construction profiles.
  5. Thereafter placed and thoroughlycompacted dry mixture - gravels screed. As a result, should get a flat and rigid surface on which you can safely go without leaving a trace.
  6. Lighthouses need to remove the remaining grooves fill with a mixture of expanded clay and compacted.

On top of the dry screed stacked panelsgypsum sheets or waterproof plywood. The panels are glued with special glue and additionally fastened with screws. On such a foundation can be laid any floor covering. The floors are laid on a dry screed technology, able to withstand the same load as the floor traditional concrete screed. It also contributes to the popularity of the technology of dry screed at construction companies and those who appreciate the quality and practicality of road works.

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