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TEA HOUSE "May Lily of the valley" in decoupage technique


Tea house "May Lily of the valley" in decoupage technique</a>

Technique decoupage is a simple way to add to the interior of comfort, originality and creative atmosphere.

Products made with this technology will decorateAnd a bedroom, a study, and a kitchen. One of the now fashionable kitchen accessories is a tea house, designed for accurate and aesthetic storage of tea bags.

Decorated with the help of decoupage, he successfully fits into any situation and will give her charm.

You will need

  • Plywood billet of tea house, napkins forDecoupage with the image of a lily of the valley - one with a large motif and one with a small motif, acrylic paint of the shade "antique pink" (warm pastel beige-pink tone), matt acrylic lacquer, PVA glue, foam sponge, fine-grained sandpaper for surface grinding, manicure scissors , A narrow square hard brush.



The surface of the plywood billet must be cleanedSkin, but absolute smoothness should not be sought - the texture of the tree will be an additional decorative technique. Then cover the whole surface of the workpiece with acrylic paint in 2-3 layers, letting everyone dry properly. After that, it is necessary to treat the house with frosted acrylic lacquer, and also put it in a couple of layers.


Cut a small motif with a lily of the valley - it will beRoof finishing. Separate the top layer with the pattern, put on the workpiece and top with glue (you can fix the motif and acrylic lacquer, if the glue is uncomfortable or not at hand). Do not stretch the motif, it is better to glue it with promakivayuschimi movements (for this it is more convenient to use foam rubber sponge).


Napkin with a large motif cut in half,Cut out the pattern, separate the top layer and glue it to the "walls" and "facade" of the house. It is more difficult to fix a large element - in order that the tissue does not wrinkle, you can first decompose the fragment on a polyethylene film (for this purpose a regular office file is suitable) face down, moisten and then transfer it to the surface of the workpiece with a film.


When the napkin dries, work it with varnishOr glue with a sponge, without stretching. Finished house covered with acrylic lacquer 2-3 times over the pasted motif to fix the finish. After drying, sand the product with a sandpaper.

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