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How to teach your puppy to the toilet fee

How to teach your puppy to the toilet fee

Taming the puppy to the toilet - the most important stage of home education.

To your little dachshund learned it as soon as possible, a number of simple rules must be observed.



While the puppy is not vaccinated, he can not go out. Since this period lasts 2-3 months, you should start to train your dachshund to the toilet in the apartment.

kitten accustomed to the toilet in potpale


Take a piece of cellophane oilcloth, topPut newspaper. If you have the opportunity to buy a puppy disposable hygienic diapers (they are sold in pharmacies), it will be the best option. As a rule, puppies go to the toilet immediately after sleep, feeding and active games. You can easily determine the right time if you watch your pet as soon as he began to worry, he spun and began to sniff the floor, pick it up and carried her to the bathroom. As soon as the baby made his case vigorously praise him, and lodged a delicacy.

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If the kid did a puddle or pile in the wrong place, strictly narugayte and take them to the toilet. You do not need to punish puppy or poke its nose - it is too small and does not understand such treatment. The only thing you will achieve - is a fear and distrust of you.

how to teach the dog to go to the toilet at a certain time


If you wear puppy the toilet regularly, he quickly realized what was happening and begin to walk it by yourself.

how to teach toy terrier to the toilet on the street


If you are accustomed difficulties persist, thenyou can try the following method: dip in the baby pool of a piece of paper and put it in the toilet. Puppies are well guided by the smell, and this method allows them to quickly figure out what they want from the owner.


Once all vaccinations done, quarantine is maintained, can begin to accustom his dachshund to the outside toilet. While the puppy is small, it is necessary to walk 6-7 times a day, gradually reducing the number of trips up to 2-3 times.


Make a baby after each feeding or long sleep. As soon as he made his case - roughly praise. At first, you can leave your home toilet.


When the puppy learns to tolerate more or less, it is possible to clean the home and keep the toilet regularly accustom the baby to the street.

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