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How to teach a puppy dachshund to the toilet


How to teach a puppy dachshund to the toilet</a>

Taming a puppy to the toilet is the most important stage of home education.

In order for your little dachshund to learn this as quickly as possible, it is necessary to observe a number of simple rules.



While the puppy is not vaccinated, he can not go out. Since this period lasts up to 2-3 months, you should first accustom your dachshund to the toilet in the apartment.

Kitten to accustom to the toilet in the potpale


Take a piece of cellophane oilcloth, topPut the newspaper down. If you have the opportunity to buy a puppy disposable hygiene diapers (they are sold in pharmacies), this will be the best option. As a rule, puppies go to the toilet immediately after sleep, feeding and active games. You can easily determine the right moment if you observe the pet: as soon as he became worried, turned and sniffed to the floor, take him in his arms and take him to the toilet. As soon as the kid has done his work, boast him of praise, treat him with a delicacy.

How to accustom the dachshund to the toilet of the house


If the baby has made a puddle or pile in the wrong place, strictly break it and take it to the toilet. Do not punish Puppy Or poke his nose - he is still too small and will not understand this treatment. The only thing you will achieve is fright and mistrust towards you.

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If you wear Puppy In the toilet on a regular basis, he will quickly figure out what's going on and start walking into it himself.

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If you have difficulties while training, thenYou can try the following method: dipping a piece of paper into the baby's puddle and putting it in the toilet. Puppies are perfectly guided by the smell, and this method allows them to quickly understand what the owner wants from them.


Once all vaccinations are done, quarantine is mature, you can begin your Taxes To the street toilet. While the puppy is small, it should be walked 6-7 times a day, gradually reducing the number of walks to 2-3 times.


Take out the baby after each feeding or a long sleep. Once he has done his work - boast of praise. At first, the home toilet can be left.


When the puppy learns to tolerate more or less, you can clean your home restroom and continue your regular training of the baby to the street.

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