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How to teach a puppy to the toilet


How to teach a puppy to the toilet</a>

Accustoming a small puppy to the toilet is one of the most important stages of the "dog" school.

Instruction can be divided into two stages. The first "home" is used until your puppy is vaccinated and can not be contacted with other dogs.

The second is the direct training of the dog to the street.



So, in your house there was a puppy. Immediately equip a place in which he will go to the toilet. If you have a miniature breed, then it is good to use a cat tray filled with pieces of paper for this purpose. If you have a medium and large dog, you can put an oilcloth or polyethylene in the corner of the room and also cover it with paper. Some dog lovers use disposable diapers for "toilet" purposes, which are sold in pharmacies.


Little puppies go to the toilet very often. Usually this occurs immediately after sleep and feeding. Carefully observe the baby: began to worry, spinning, sniffing to the floor? It's time to take the pet to the tray. If the case has been crowned with success - tenderly praise the dog, treat it with a delicacy.


You can try to wet a piece of paper in a puddle and put it in the toilet. With the help of the smell, the dog will soon understand where the need is to cope.


If the puppy is still "guilty", do not rushSwear - he is still small and can not immediately understand what they want from him. Especially, do not scold the dog if a puddle or a pile has been made for a long time - the puppy simply will not realize why they are angry with him.


If you "caught" the baby at the crime scene- sharply shout it and take it to the toilet. Then stroke and praise. If you will affectionately and patiently accustom the puppy to the tray - the result will not keep you waiting.


After your pet is doneInoculations, it will be possible to accustom the puppy to go out into the street. Acquaintance with the world around you need to start gradually. To begin with, put the baby on his hands - let him look around and get used to the abundance of new sounds and smells. Then you can start releasing it to the ground. You can begin to accustom to the toilet after you are convinced that the puppy perceives the street without fear.


Recall that small puppies go to the toiletVery often, therefore at the beginning it is necessary to deduce the pet about five-six times a day. Usually this is done at regular intervals after feeding or sleeping. If the kid has done his "business" on the street - boast him of praise, be sure to give him a treat. Gradually the puppy will understand, that from it it is required and to learn to suffer at home. The most important thing is to bring the puppy out regularly, at the same time, if he is asked to go outside the "schedule" - be sure to go with him.


When teaching to the street, the tray is better for the first timeTo leave - after all small puppies yet do not know how long to suffer. The older the dog becomes, the less often it will have to be taken out to the street. After six months, it will be enough three times, and closer to a year - two.

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