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How to teach your dog to walk on the street

How to teach your dog to walk on the street

Some animals are very difficult to accustom to the toilet on the street.

Do not despair, the dogs are very intelligent and quick to understand that requires them to master. But do not expect your dog to understand all the first time, it will take time.

Be patient, you will achieve the desired result.



Immediately after the dog has eaten quickly wearher on the street. When you leave the apartment, make sure that it has not made its case ahead of time. Try to distract her and move quickly to the exit. Usually after a meal the animals want to use the toilet. But remember that they are patient, your dog may proterpet whole walk and wait for the arrival home. Walk as much as possible, it is possible that the animal does not suffer and will make its case. Then praise the little dog.

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If the dog goes to the tray, do the same, but take it with a familiar animal toilet. Once developed a reflex to go to the toilet street, The tray can not take with you. Typically, this method is very good, the dog quickly becomes clear what is required of them. If the dog has chosen the toilet seat a small rug or thing (blanket, etc.). Bring a street on this item in the package, the animal will feel the smell and calmly go to the toilet.

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When all else fails, wait, eventually dogstill understand what you want from him this. Try to walk in the designated smoking areas. The dog will see what other dogs and may follow their example. Do not forget to treat the house by the smell that the dog does not stray from the right path. And try to go for a walk in the allotted time, 2-3 times a day.

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