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How to teach your dog to a new home

How to teach your dog to a new home

Plant a dog, the owner often finds that the new pet is very difficult to get used to a new home and feels frightened or lonely.

To avoid injury and changes in the nature of a dog, you need to help her adapt.



Give your puppy time. No need to force your pet to explore the new home, play and actively get acquainted with family members. Dogs often need to calm down first, and only then it will start to show curiosity and activity.


Determine the dog a place where she will feel safe. This may be her sofa, cage or kennel. Leave her alone with a new place, so that she could get used to it.


Expose the dog for a long walk and letexplore the neighborhood. Physical activity helps the dog to get rid of nervousness and feelings of confinement in the house, and a study area will make it more self-confident.


Take your pet to a new account. Dogs, like people, appreciate the care and affection. Talk and play with the dog, caress it, then the dog will quickly become comfortable in a new home.


Do not expose your dog stress. If you scold, punish the dog at the time when she had not yet got used to the house - her character can greatly deteriorate. Be it soft, and then the educational process will take place easier and more enjoyable.

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