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How to teach the dog commands


How to teach the dog commands</a>

Well-trained obedient dog? The real pride of the owner.

Agree, it is very unpleasant when the dog does not obey or hooligan, especially if it happens in public places.

Therefore, most dog owners give their pets with special schools or training courses, but you can train the dog yourself.



Contrary to popular belief, a dog needsBegin to teach with the most tender puppyhood. It is necessary to patiently repeat the actions that the dog must perform from the first day of the appearance in the house: pointing to her place, on a bowl, taking her out to the street at certain times, not allowing her to visit certain places of the house, etc.

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To punish an animal to 3-4 months is not worth it, the maximum that the owner can afford is to lightly slap the puppy in the newspaper by the nose. But to praise and encourage for the right actions is simply necessary.

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The main TeamsAnd that dogs are trained, are:
"Sit!", "Lie down!?", "Nearby!?,? Fas!?,? Fu!?,? Leap!?,? Stick??,? Coup!?.

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In order to teach the dog Teams, It is necessary to follow certain recommendations.
Give us goodies. Dogs respond to food. Small pieces of pet dog delicacy will strengthen the good behavior of the dog.

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Repeat the action. Repetition is the key when you learn a dog Teams. They need consistency to understand what action they are being asked to perform, and repetition, so that the action is strengthened in the behavior of the animal.

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Working with a dog every day. Training should be done on a regular basis so that the teams become reflexes and rules for the dog. Lesson, specific time and every day, will ensure that the teams that have been studied in the past will be fixed in the dog's memory.


Use the clicker. Food is a good choice, but since dogs process information with their hearing and smell more than people, use a clicker to train the dog. Clickers can be purchased at any pet store. Properly use the clicker to teach the dog to familiarize themselves with the sound and follow the team. You can use dainties as a reward, but the clicker can be the main learning tool.


Use verbal and physical commands. Dogs can associate a word and hand movement with different actions. When you tell a dog to roll over and show it with your hands, it can better understand and remember the team.

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