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How to teach a child to talk

How to teach a child to talk

Each child develops individually.

Someone begins to speak the first words in a year and a half, and someone - in three.

Knowing some tricks parents can easily and effectively help develop verbal ability crumbs.

Individual development

Each child is different, someone startsspeak confidently in two years, and someone three babbling incomprehensible words. Parents can significantly develop verbal ability toddler if they regularly engage with him. A child is like a sponge, absorbs everything around him to give - knowledge, emotions, behavior patterns, etc. At one year old he can meaningfully play sounds, and a half to say phrases, and two - and all proposals. It all depends on whether his parents devote sufficient time and attention.

uninterrupted communication

Talk with your baby should always and everywhere. For example, in the kitchen, you can tell him how my mother to cook to eat, trying, what will turn out tasty dishes, etc. Before going to the street would be great to explain the crumbs, what will be put on, where you go for a walk and what there reigns the weather. During the day, the child must feel the interlocutor, even if it is not able to express their thoughts in words.

It is very important that the child felt full-fledged companion. Though he still does not know how to say the words, but understands and takes part in everything.

The first acquaintance with letters

With six months of a child beginning to stronglyinterested ambient sounds. This is an excellent opportunity to explain to him how to make the car, said the dog, cat, etc. So the kid will build the first associations and memorize simple sound, which then turn into words and sentences.

The development of motor skills of fingers

Funny game with small objects, for example,beans, peas, buttons, coins and beads, will develop fine motor skills of the crumbs, which is inextricably linked with the speech apparatus. The child is always happy to help roll in flour patties, banana open, sculpt something out of plasticine. These exciting activities not only enrich leisure time, but also help the crumbs to say their first "mama".

Pastime reading

It is extremely important that parents as much as possibleMore child read fairy tales, poems, short stories. The main thing that was interesting and literature suitable for the age. It is best to take the baby to be my mother's retelling, especially if it is impressively complement and explain the reading.

Reading - a fascinating and useful employment. Well-chosen books will interest even the most restless crumbs.

Home staging

Pets performances teach the kid perseverance,help in the development of imagination and, of course, the speech apparatus. For this purpose, self-made characters are ideal, for example, cut from paper, painted or sculpted from clay.

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