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How to teach a child to read at age 6

How to teach your child to read at age 6

Learning to read? a laborious process that requires someone who is involved with the child, patience and tact. Teach children to read today try almost from the cradle.

But only to 5-6 years the child begins to show an informed interest in reading, it is not imposed on adults, caused by the desire to learn to read on their own.

It was during this period to teach the kid to read is easiest.

You will need

  • Alphabet, cards or dice with letters, posters with the alphabet



Make cards with letters. You can take the cardboard, paper plates, plastic products are made. Each card draw on a letter. Number of cards should be about 100, so that all the letters of the alphabet were presented in two or three copies. From these cards you have with your child can be a word, consisting of one, two or more syllables. With the same purpose can be used with the letters cubes.


Hang on a wall or a special board alphabet,that it was always a child in front of his eyes. Now on sale there? Talking? Posters with the letters. When the kid clicks on the image with the letter, poster? Says? it aloud, and then pronounces a word beginning with that letter.


Buy alphabet. Despite the fact that the reading of learning technologies has now a huge number on the ABC lessons have not lost their effectiveness. Optional purchase the same book, which will be a child in one class. Choose any benefit to your taste, their efficiency is approximately equal.

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